Address: 18, rue Léon Laval 3372 LEUDELANGE LUXEMBOURG
Phone: +352 22 57 58-1
Fax: +352 22 57 58-59
National Lottery Director Leon Losch
President of the Work Pierre Bley
Year Lottery Founded: 1945
Number of Employees: 45
Points of Sale (POS): 450
Games Offered: EuroMillions, LOTTO, Zubito Loto, High 5, Rubbel, Online scratch games, PMU, Oddset
Jurisdiction: Luxembourg Luxembourg


The National Lottery was created by grand-ducal decree of July 13, 1945 in order to perpetuate the missions of the National Relief Aid Grand Duchess Charlotte and to contribute generally to the accomplishment of philanthropic action within the country. By this same measure, the government entrusts the organization to the Work.

In 1945, the first of a long series of National Lottery draws took place for the benefit of philanthropic works in the country.
• In 1985, the National Lottery innovated and launched its first scratch game, ELO. Today, a diversified range of 16 games, in constant renewal, satisfies a large audience.
• In 2002, the Zubito appeared and modernized the traditional draw games.
• 2004 marks a turning point in the evolution of the National Lottery when it joined 8 other countries to participate in the famous pan-European lottery Euro Millions.
• Two years later, in 2006, it also marketed the German LOTTO in Luxembourg.
• Since 2008, has also made it possible to play online major draw games and dedicated scratch games.
• In 2010, the Joker joined the National Lottery draw games portfolio, in addition to the Euro Millions.
• Horse racing betting appeared in Luxembourg in 2012 with the marketing by the National Lottery of PMU products, whose attractiveness has grown steadily since.
• Continuing a logical development in this area, the National Lottery acquired sports betting in 2016 with the marketing of Oddset.
• More recently, a new daily exclusive draw game in Luxembourg has been launched with the launch of High5 in 2018.

Innovative, dynamic and open, the National Lottery has been offering attractive games for its population for over 70 years while respecting responsible gaming and business ethics. It is therefore with the same enthusiasm and the same rigor that the National Lottery envisages its future to continue to entertain its players with complete integrity and to work constantly for good causes.

All the benefits of the National Lottery games are redistributed by the National Relief Aid Grand Duchess Charlotte to philanthropic missions.