Loterie Nationale Sénégalaise (LO.NA.SE)

Address: Autoroute Seydina Limamoulaye X VDN à Proximité de l'échangeur du CICES Dakar, Senegal
Phone: +221 33 864 82 83
Fax: +221 33 867 01 75
Year Lottery Founded: 1966
General Manager: Mr. Amadou Samba KANE
Number of Employees: 480
# Point of Sale (POS): 1,200
Games Offered: Instant Games, Sports Games (both pari-mutuel & fixed odds).
Beneficiaries: Education, Culture, Social Activities, Other good causes.
Jurisdiction: Republic of Senegal (West Africa).

About Loterie Nationale Sénégalaise (LO.NA.SE)

LONASE, after having invested in a quality certification program (ISO 9001) and safety (ISO 27001 and WLA-SCS), is registered as a priority on a priority approach leading to recognition of the practice of Responsible Gaming. The main objectives of this Responsible Gaming policy are:

  • To offer a healthy and secure gaming environment for its bettors across the country;
  • To prevent excessive gambling by measuring and controlling access to offers while being responsible and attractive;
  • Protect bettors against gambling addiction and vulnerable people, especially Senegalese youth (ban on playing at least 18 years of age).

Achieving these objectives requires a commitment from all LONASE employees and its stakeholders by relying on:

  • Training of the latter and in particular of employees and retailers;
  • Broad information and awareness of stakeholders on good practices in responsible gaming and in particular of players;
  • Broad collaboration with treatment, training and awareness structures (medical school, university hospital, media, etc.);
  • The measurement, analysis and improvement of our practices through relevant indicators linked to our responsible gaming practices;
  • Internal and external evaluation through regular checks.

LONASE is committed to putting all the necessary means to meet the challenges, achieve its objectives, report regularly to the public and to stakeholders, every year, through its reporting, management reports and available communication channels. A team has been put in place to ultimately lead our WLA Responsible Gaming certification project.