Loterie Nationale Togolaise (LONATO)

Address; 2470, Avenue de la Chance B.P. 895 Lomé
Phone: +(+228) 22 53 57 02
Fax: +(+228) 22 51 35 08
Year Lottery Founded: 1966
Executive Director: Kudjow-Kum PEKEMSI
Number of Employees: 292
# Point of Sale (POS): 2,880
Games Offered: Draw Based Games, Instant Games, Sports Betting (both pari-mutuel & Fixed odds), VLTs
Jurisdiction: Togo, West Africa

About Loterie Nationale Togolaise (LONATO)

The Togolese National Lottery (LONATO) was established by the Decree No. 66-8 of July 4, 1966 . On that date, it was then only a public establishment. It was by ordinance No. 80-29 of November 10, 1989 that it became a General Gaming Agency.

Following the law N ° 90-26 of December 04, 1990 , the LONATO passed from a general agency of games of chance, to a State company with management of private type, having for object the organization and the exploitation lotteries and games of chance throughout the national territory. With a capital of five hundred million francs (500,000,000) CFA , LONATO has a monopoly on the organization and operation of games of chance.

Part of the operation of a classic lottery (tickets were sold at 100FCFA) for monthly draws, LONATO subsequently diversified its range of products. Today, LONATO offers its customers several types of products.

The Togolese National Lottery is responsible for organizing in the general interest in a socially responsible, reliable and safe manner, public lotteries, contests, games of chance and betting in the forms and according to the general methods fixed by law. LONATO also plays a regulatory role in the gaming sector.

Indeed, since September 2006, through the interministerial decree N ° 004 / MEFP / MATD / MS / MDPRDAC / CAB, it has the power to concede to third parties the organization or the operation of lotteries and games of chance which she does not have expertise. Thus, any commercial promotion giving right to a gain in kind and of random nature, must receive the prior authorization of the Director General of LONATO, after opinion of the Technical Commission of studies and control.

One of the missions of LONATO, is to channel the paid game market by providing playful pleasure to a large audience through entertaining and socially responsible games by observing the strictest rules in terms of ethics, protection consumer and quality guarantee.
The LONATO offers more than the pleasure of the game to the Togolese population, since it puts part of the profits earned at the service of the community, through various and varied social actions (construction of school buildings, latrines, boreholes, etc.) .