Lottery of Slovenia, dd

Address: Gerbiceva ulica 99 1000 LJUBLJANA SLOVENIA
Phone: +386 1 24 26 100
Fax: +386 1 24 26 255
Lottery Launched: September 28, 1989
President of the Management Board: Romana Dernovšek
Head of Corporate Communication: Mag. Mateja Slamnik Kos (
Sales FY 2019: N/A
Number of Employees: N/A
There are currently seven classic games of chance offered: four number games - Lotto, Eurojackpot, Vikinglotto and TikiTaka,
Our games with currently known winnings: Express Lottery, Extraordinary Luck, Luck Quiz and Hip Game and
One raffle: one raffle - 3x3 plus 6.
Jurisdiction: Slovenia

About Lottery of Slovenia, dd

The Lottery of Slovenia permanently organizes classic games of chance. The organization of classic gambling is governed by the Gambling Act. Classical gambling in Slovenia may only be organized by a public limited company established in the territory of Slovenia and obtaining a concession granted by the Government of the Republic of Slovenia. For the concession awarded, the organizer must pay a concession fee. The amount of the concession fee shall be determined by the Government of the Republic of Slovenia.


The beginnings of gambling in Slovenia date back to 1890, when the Serbian National Class Lottery was established. Due to World War I, it ceased operations in 1914, and after the end of the war, the National Class Lottery began operating in the whole of Yugoslavia. Med II. The World Lottery was organized by the lottery only in the narrow territory of Serbia, and in 1945 it began operating again throughout the territory of the then Yugoslavia. In 1952, the National Class Lottery was renamed the Yugoslav Lottery.

Until 1972, gambling was organized in the territory of the Republic of Slovenia by the Yugoslav Lottery Directorate for Slovenia. The organization was exclusively the responsibility of the Federation (SFRY). The Directorate ceased to operate at the end of 1972 and its operations were taken over by the newly established Lottery Institute of Slovenia. He was responsible for organizing gambling, and the funds raised were used for social, humanitarian, cultural, educational and technical activities and sports. Independent lottery organizations were affiliated to the Business Union of the Lottery Organizations of Yugoslavia (PSLOJ).

The establishment of the Lottery Institute of Slovenia in 1972 marks the beginning of the independent route of the Lottery of Slovenia.

In 1981, the Lottery Institute of Slovenia was renamed the Lottery of Slovenia, and in 1998 the Lottery of Slovenia became a public limited company. In accordance with the Gambling Act, the Company’s operations are controlled by the Financial Administration of the Republic of Slovenia.