Address: 3 Heftman Str. P.O. Box 7019 61070 TEL AVIV ISRAEL
Phone: +972 3 694 0000
Fax: +972 3 694 0115
Chairman: Avigdor Yitzhaki
Points of sale (POS): 2,400
CFO and deputy CEO: CPA Dov Cromer


Story of Establishment of the Lottery – In 1951, the TA mayor wanted to build a hospital. At no budget, came up with an original idea – to conduct a lottery for construction financing. TA residents, said the late Israel pharmacist, will buy tickets because they know that even if they don’t win In a special prize, their money goes to a good cause. This is how Ichilov Hospital was established. Today, 67 years later, the Lottery continues to be committed to the idea – a gaming and lottery enterprise for the benefit of Israeli society.

The Lottery has since grown to be a major partner in promoting Israeli society and community in education, quality of life, health, sports, culture and the arts. This activity is mostly done with local authorities, giving preference to less powerful authorities and the periphery.

The Lottery Factory first and foremost raises the flag of education and sees it as the basic way of reducing gaps in society and providing equal opportunity in life for every boy and girl. Over the past decade, the Lottery has approved grants of NIS 10.6 billion to the local authorities, in the construction of schools and kindergartens, science and lab centers, libraries, grants for students, computers for students and teachers’ schools, sports halls, youth clubs and seniors, day care centers and more.

In recent years, the Lottery has increased its support for cultural and art issues, mainly for the geographical and social periphery communities.

Another area that is undergoing a process of empowerment and leverage is scholarship. Today, the National Lottery provides scholarships to approximately 13,000 students in the amount of NIS 130 million in a joint venture with the local authorities.

The Lottery is not a gambling enterprise. Lottery with the lottery you buy a concept of national and social responsibility that helps all those important goals for the welfare of the community in Israel presented above.

We are committed to you, our audience and consider you a vital and loyal partner to continue to achieve the goals of the Lottery.