National Lottery Commission. (CONALOT)

Address: Los Ruices Main Avenue, GAMMA Center building. Headquarters of the SENIAT Capital Region, Floor 4, Of. 378, 1090 Caracas
Email: N/A
Phone: 58-212-2078041
Fax: 58-212-2078040
President: D. Yván Darío Bastardo Flores (
Year Lottery Founded: N/A
# Employees: N/A
# Point of Sales (POS): N/A
Games Offered: N/A
Jurisdiction: Venezuela

About National Lottery Commission. (CONALOT)

It is an autonomous service, attached to the Ministry of the Popular Power for Economy and Finance, which is in charge of the control, inspection, supervision, regulation and supervision of the activity of lottery games in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

Regulate and control the exploitation of the activity of lottery games, helping in the collection of taxes, for the execution of plans and programs of public charity and social assistance, proposed by the national government; as well as guaranteeing the betting public, legality and transparency in lottery games.

To be the most important national regulatory and control body that contributes to the progressive eradication of the illegal lottery game, through an objective and effective management of inspection and supervision practiced by public servants, with ethical and moral values, framed in the principles of responsibility, honesty and excellent attention to the active and passive subjects of the National Lottery Law.


  • Regulate and Control the activity of lottery games, by establishing principles and provisions of the National Lottery Law.
  • Inspect and supervise the activity carried out by those administered, in all types of lottery games and their modalities.
  • Promote and strengthen the progressive eradication of the illegal lottery game.
  • To ensure that the resources generated by the exploitation of the activity of lottery games are destined solely and exclusively for public charity and social assistance.


  • Build a new ethic of the public servant, with honest and efficient officials, who hold ethical and moral values, capable of assuming the development of their activities, with responsibility and dedication to service that must be provided to citizens.
  • Deepen comprehensive health care universally, through the expansion and consolidation of health services, in a timely manner; strengthening the primary care network, hospital rehabilitation, etc.
  • Fight corruption systematically in all its manifestations.
  • Improve institutional support for science, technology and innovation.
  • Conserve and preserve natural environments.
  • Build the institutionality of a new order of financial integration and the establishment of fair trade