State Lottery of the Republic of Northern Macedonia

Address: Blvd. Goce Delchev no. 8, 1000 Skopje
Phone: (02) 323 7777
Phone: +389 2 55 11 991
Fax: +389 2 55 11 992
Date Established: December 29, 2008
Sales FY2019: N/A

About State Lottery of the Republic of Northern Macedonia

The State Lottery is a modern joint stock company, responsible for organizing games of chance for the citizens on the territory of the Republic of Northern Macedonia. The company is state-owned, established on the basis of successful examples and experiences from European and world state lotteries, in order to make a continuous contribution to the republic’s budget for investing in socially beneficial goals. The state lottery actively contributes to the enrichment of the contents and the improvement of the quality of life of the citizens of our country.

The State Lottery team is dedicated to offering and selling a variety of interesting games of chance with attractive bonuses, through which citizens across the country, with symbolic participation, through entertainment, have the opportunity to win cash and commodity profits. The growing number of happy family winners, who are enriched daily with new happy stories, names and addresses from different parts of the country, justifies and confirms the efforts to establish and build the company. With an emphasis on trust and reliability, the company operates in accordance with the highest world standards in the field of operations and applies state-of-the-art technology for safety and quality control and quality.

The company has seen continuous growth and development and is flexibly responding to all challenges in the domestic market and global trends. According to the development strategy, the State Lottery strengthens and enriches its own resources in step with the European and world trends in the activity, investing in personnel and technical resources. In constant two-way communication with the players, it monitors the expectations and needs of our market and appropriately implements novelties in order to have more accessible opportunities for entertainment and winnings and offer attractive premiums.   

The State Lottery is a member of the European Lottery Association, which provides a regular exchange of experiences with the teams of the European state lotteries, which reflects the faster growth and development of the company. Domestically, the State Lottery is a proven brand and active socially responsible entity that continuously invests in its own development, as well as in improving the quality and content of living of the citizens of our country. The portfolio of games of chance such as winning numbers, instant lottery and electronic games of chance is constantly growing. The company’s plan development is based on a strategic approach to dispersing the network of payment and payment points, increasing the range of supply with new games of chance and introducing innovations in existing games of chance.