Polla Chilena de Beneficencia

Address: Compañía de Jesús 1085 piso 8° Santiago de Chile, Chile
Email: /
Phone: 56 - 2-679 37 00 / +56 2 27972910
Fax: N/A
Year Lottery Founded: 1934
Law 18,851 of 1989 constitutes it as a Public Limited Company of the State of Chile: 1989
Sales in FY2018: $145,690 million.
# Employees: 132
# Points of Sale (POS): N/A
Games Offered: Passive, Instants, Loto, Sports Toto
Beneficiaries: N/A
Jurisdiction: Chile

About Polla Chilena de Beneficencia

During 2014, Polla Chilena de Beneficencia celebrated 80 years of existence, becoming one of the State Public Companies that provides more economic resources to the Treasury to implement public policies for the direct benefit of all Chileans. 

On June 6, 1934, under the presidency of Don Arturo Alessandri Palma, Law No. 5,433 was promulgated, which gave rise to Polla Chilena de Beneficencia, initially as a system of draws in combination with horse races held at the Equestrian Club .

His first leap into modernity was the incorporation of a tombola in the mid-1950s, the manufacture of which was commissioned from the Fundación Libertad. This decided the fate of gamblers for over 30 years.

Throughout these decades, Polla Chilena has been a pioneer in the development of attractive games, recognized and followed by different generations, which have also positioned this company as a leader in the market, which not only fulfills the dreams of its players, It also helps to realize the wishes of those who are part of its beneficiaries.

In addition to the diversity and success of its commercial management, this company has been characterized by its high technological level, a central factor in its services and in the quality, transparency and credibility of its processes. It is for this reason that it has been careful to constantly update and concern itself with meeting the highest world standards in this area. 

Polla Chilena, a company of the Public Companies System (SEP), is one of the state companies that contributes the most to the country’s development. Its network of agents and its attractive products -Boleto, Loto, Revancha, Desquite, Xperto, Loto 4, Loto 3, Polla Gol and snapshots (scrapes) have allowed – during all these years – considerable income to the Chilean treasury.

In addition to the above, in terms of transparency, the company has the highest standards that ensure credibility and reliability of all its processes, and the commitment of all the officials that comprise it.

Responsible gaming

Considering how significant the game has been and what it is in our lives, as a form of entertainment, to share socially with friends and family, and develop new skills and learning, various organizations have come together to build and launch a “Game Decalogue Responsible “in order to provide tools for a Chile that takes care of itself.

Our natural relationship with gambling can sometimes be problematic, creating difficulties for the person and those around him, such as gambling addiction or pathological gambling.

We want to invite you and your family to read and reflect on these recommendations that can help you enjoy the game in a healthy way.