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SAZKA Group CEO: Robert Chvatal
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About SAZKA A.S.

One of the fastest growing European lottery companies

The SAZKA Group is one of the fastest growing European lottery companies with household brands in Austria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Greece, and Italy. More than €17bn worth of wagers were placed with our companies in 2018. Our primary focus is on lotteries with a secondary focus on digital gaming. We hold leading positions in each market supported by iconic, trusted brands and unrivalled distribution networks with 63 thousand points of sale and through our digital platforms. Our long-term licences provide us with significant renewal advantages.

The SAZKA Group has a strong focus on responsible gaming. Player protection is in our DNA. We are firmly embedded in the societies where we operate and we are a significant taxpayer and contributor to charities and good causes in all our markets. 100% of our revenue is regulated and our activities are supervised by numerous regulators worldwide including many EU countries, Switzerland and Australia.

The Company is owned by an international investment group KKCG .

Responsible gaming is at the core of our culture

The SAZKA Group operates a corporate social responsibility strategy that is closely linked to the markets in which we operate. We seek to contribute to local communities and the societies where we engage in business.

Responsibility is one of the key differentiators of how we operate lotteries and other gaming activities compared to other forms of competition, and in particular, illegal competition. We have a clear commitment to responsible gaming principles in our daily business, and we put corporate responsibility at the heart of our activities.

We strive to protect the general public and especially vulnerable social groups from excessive gaming and protect minors from any participation in games of chance. By their nature, lottery games are the most socially acceptable form of gaming as they operate through the periodic payment of small amounts to participate in the game.

We apply responsible gaming principles throughout our operations. All of our lottery operators are members of the World Lottery Association and the European Lottery Association and are bound by their respective regulations.

The SAZKA Group engages with national public authorities and the European institutions as a constructive, transparent and accountable stakeholder, to achieve legitimate, balanced and sustainable regulations.

The SAZKA Group adheres to the EU interest representatives’ code of conduct and is registered in the EU Transparency Register (Identification number 343059028884-80).