State Lottery Operator MSL

Address: 50-a Shovkovychna Str. 01024 KYIV UKRAINE
Phone: +380 44 461 92 18
Fax: +380 44 461 92 19
Year Lottery Founded: 1970
General Manager Evgeniy Vlasenko
Sales FY 2019: N/A
Number of Employees: 28
Point of Sales (POS): 6,500
Jurisdiction: Ukraine

About State Lottery Operator MSL

State Lottery Operator MSL – the largest not only in the post-Soviet space, but in the whole of Eastern Europe. The company is the heir to the famous Soviet state-owned enterprise Sportlot and the undisputed leader of the lottery market of Ukraine for over 44 years.

Today the operator of state lotteries “MSL” has offices in all regions of Ukraine and more than 6,500 lottery distribution points. All lotteries of MSL company are implemented through their own network of modern electronic terminals, closed to a central system, which is monitored online by state control authorities.

The company portfolio includes more than 80 state lotteries licensed by the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine. This is the full range of entertainment for lottery seekers – instant, numeric, bingo and sports lotteries. Among the lotteries of the company “MSL” the most famous lottery brands: Lotto Fun, Who’s There, Sportliga, Megalot, Tip and Top, Sport Prognosis, Race for Money and numerous instant lotteries.

MSL Company – the leading operator of state lotteries, constantly increasing sales and its share of sales in the lottery market, primarily due to competent risk management and employees of the company.

Every year, the company reaffirms its leading position, increasing the pace of sales, developing new products, increasing the amount of contributions to the state budget of Ukraine and the amount of charitable assistance.

Year after year, the company reaffirms its leadership in the lottery market of Ukraine with the number of lottery tickets sold and the number of winners.

In addition, “MSL” one of the most socially responsible companies in Ukraine – in 2013 alone, nearly UAH 20 million was invested in social and charitable projects.

State Lottery Operator MSL has always been and remains a major employer – thousands of Ukrainian citizens have received decent work and stable earnings.

Since 1993 “MSL” is part of the European Association of State and TOTO lotteries. This association has united the lottery companies of European countries, Israel and some CIS countries.

In June 2013, MSL became the first lottery operator in Ukraine to receive the Certificate of Compliance with Responsible Gaming Standards from the European Association of State Lotteries and TOTO. The certificate indicates that the operator has brought all its business processes in compliance with European standards that protect the interests of lottery players.

At the end of May 2016, the company underwent another independent foreign audit and remained the only Ukrainian lottery operator to confirm its commitment to European standards and to receive the EL Responsible Standards Certificate for the second time.

After 3 years, at the end of May 2019, representatives of the operator of state lotteries “MSL” for the third time, they have received another recognition and recognition from EL in the form of a new “Certificate of Compliance with Responsible Gaming Standards”.

MSL Company – is the only representative of the lottery market of Ukraine who in 2013 was able to obtain this certificate and after that twice to confirm the consistently high level of compliance with the European standards of responsible game. Thus “MSL” remains a kind of a flagship, which sets the bar for the whole domestic lottery market rather than by word, but demonstrates by way of what modern socially responsible lottery operators should be, since for «MSL» EL certification is part of the company’s social responsibility.

June 28, 2016 State lottery operator “MSL” has joined the World Lottery Association (WLA). In the same year, the company received the highest level 4 WLA Certificate of Compliance with Responsible Gaming. Three years later, the MSL company confirmed compliance with WLA Responsible Standards and received the second highest level certification.