Stoloto – Joint Stock Company “Technological Company“ Center

Address: 43 Volgogradskiy prospekt st., bldg. 3 109316 MOSCOW RUSSIA
Phone: +7 495 204 85 00
Fax: +7 495 204 85 86
General Director: Anton Shapiro

About Stoloto – Joint Stock Company “Technological Company“ Center

Stoloto is the brand of the largest distributor of state lotteries in Russia

State lotteries distributed under the Stoloto brand are sold in every region of the Russian Federation and in Russia’s only online lottery supermarket

The company uses modern technologies, thanks to which everyone can choose the appropriate way to participate in the lotteries, and everyone can watch live lottery draws  or personally come to the world’s only lottery center and see for themselves how the winning combination is formed.

In Russia, only all-Russian state and international lotteries are allowed. Joint Stock Company “Technological Company“ Center ”is the official distributor of all-Russian state lotteries. This is a high-tech organization with several offices in Moscow and units in other cities of Russia. Safety is an important part of a company’s work.

The state controls the activities of the company

Federal Law No.  138-ФЗ “On Lotteries” establishes the rules for the sale of lottery tickets and lotteries . The law defines the responsibility of the organizers, approves technical standards and requirements for lottery equipment. State bodies control the organization and conduct of lotteries, maintain a unified register of lottery terminals. The Federal Tax Service and independent audit organizations monitor the financial side of the lottery business.