The Betting Gaming & Lotteries Commission

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About The Betting Gaming & Lotteries Commission

The Betting Gaming & Lotteries Commission is a statutory body of the Ministry of Finance, established in 1975, under the provisions of the Betting Gaming & Lotteries Act to:

  • regulate and control the operations of betting and gaming and the conduct of lotteries in the island;
  • to examine in consultation with such persons as it considers appropriate, problems relating to the operation of betting, gaming and the conduct of lotteries in the Island;
  • to furnish information and advice and to make recommendations to the Minister of Finance with respect to the exercise by him of his functions under Part IV, Part V and Part VI of the Betting Gaming & Lotteries Act;
  • to facilitate the growth and development of the Gaming Industry;
  • and to make investigations and surveys for the purpose of obtaining information of use to it in the exercise of its functions.

The Betting, Gaming & Lotteries Commission (BGLC) is a statutory body of the Ministry of Finance in the Government of Jamaica, established in 1975 under the provisions of the Betting, Gaming & Lotteries Act. The Commission’s mandate is to regulate and control the operation of betting and gaming and the conduct of lotteries in the Island of Jamaica and to facilitate and enable sustainable growth in the Gaming Industry.

The Commission registers, licences and approves various activities which fall under these broad categories as well as audits and monitors compliance to ensure that licensees operate within the terms of their licenses.  The BGLC is responsible to ensure and assure Government’s direct revenue from all sectors in the industry.

The Commission has an enforcement division which detects and investigates illegal gaming activities and takes the requisite action against offenders under the legislation. The BGLC also conducts due diligence investigations to ensure that applicants are fit and proper to conduct gaming activities.

The landscape in Jamaica is characterized by one active lottery operator with several lottery sales outlets island wide also conducting sports betting; various types of establishments, which operate over 7000 gaming machines; a Racing Promoter with a horse racing track betting licence; and nine bookmaking companies. The Commission also approves the conduct of prize promotions and monitors compliance with the terms of such approval.

 The BGLA underwent a major overhaul in mid 2010 with further amendments as recent as May 2014 to provide necessary updates in a variety of areas, reflecting the changes in technology, new preferences in gaming, international trends and the demands of Jamaica’s economic and social landscape. The amendments also expanded the activities which would require licensing by the Commission to include the manufacturing, testing, supplying and selling of gaming equipment. The Commission is also currently investigating the feasibility of internet gaming.

The Minister of National Security  designated Gaming Machine Operators of 20 or more  gaming machines as non-financial institutions under the Proceeds of Crime Act/Anti Money Laundering (POCA/AML) and as such the BGLC is sensitizing and preparing these licensees and all relevant stakeholders for compliance with the Proceeds of Crime Act) with a deadline of April 2015.

The Commission funds a non-governmental organisation to conduct prevention and treatment programmes for those with gambling disorders. Additionally, a ‘good causes’ fund has also been established to fund projects in culture, health, arts, sports and education (CHASE fund).

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