Turkish National Lottery Administration (Milli Piyango)

Address: Milli Piyango Idaresi Genel Müdürlügü Ziya Bey Caddesi 1400 Sokak No. 1 06520 Balgat / Ankara Turkey
Phone: +90 312 286 9306-12
Fax: +90 312 284 1483
Year Lottery Founded: 1939
Sales FY2019: N/A
General Manager: Bekir Yunus UÇAR
# Employees: 546
# Points of Sale: 15,412
Products Offered: Classical Lottery, Digital Lottery, Instant Tickets
Jurisdiction: Republic of Turkey

About Turkish National Lottery Administration (Milli Piyango)


The Central Organization of the Administration consists of the main service, advisory and inspection units, and the Provincial Organization consists of 22 branches in 18 provinces.

The decision-making body of the administration is the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors is composed of six people, including the General Manager, two Deputy General Managers, one appointed by the Prime Minister and two members appointed by the Minister. The Chairman of the Board is the General Manager.

The National Lottery Administration was established to provide resources for activities determined by law, to organize lottery, immediate-win, numerical lottery and similar games and to arrange raffles, to control the games and businesses of luck, to allow and control the drawing and drawing of any lottery that does not have cash in return.


Administration is a public institution with a special budget, having a legal personality, and it is subject to the provisions of private law other than the provisions reserved with the Decree Law No. 320. The Administration, which is not subject to the Public Procurement Law, is subject to the auditing of the Court of Accounts and the Turkish Grand National Assembly.

Establishment (National Lottery Administration)

In the last years of the Ottoman State, the first unofficial lottery was organized by the “Navy Society”. The prizes of this lottery, which was organized for the purpose of supplying the warship, were the gifts given by the public.

Upon the interest of this arrangement, the first official lottery application, the winners of which were determined by lot, was started before the Republic in order to encourage the sale of the Eastern Şimendifers and Ergani Copper Enterprises bonds.

After the declaration of the Republic, with the Law No. 710, as of January 9, 1926, the right to organize and discover the lottery to be paid in cash was given to the “Turkish Airplane Society”.

With the aim of contributing to Turkish Air Force for 14 years under the name of “Airplane Lottery”, the lottery organized by the said association continued until the National Lottery Administration was established with the Law No. 3670 dated 5.7.1939.

The Law No. 3670 on the National Lottery Organization was abolished with the Decree Law No. 320, which came into force on 6.6.1988 in 1988, the mentioned Decree Law on the establishment and duties of the National Lottery Administration is not only under the lottery, but also with It also recognized the authority to organize lottery items. The win-win of these games started playing in July 1989 and the Numerical Lotto in November 1996.

Meanwhile, permitting non-cash sweepstakes and controlling the luck games businesses are also included in the task and service area of ​​the National Lottery Administration,

Our Task

The duties of the National Lottery administration, established by the law numbered 3670, are determined by decree law no. 320. Accordingly, printing the lottery tickets, preparing the lottery, numerical lottery, chance ball, number ten, instant-win plans, applying these games and distributing their bonuses are among the duties of the lottery administration. In addition, with this law, it is the duty of the lottery administration to control all kinds of lottery games of chance and the authority to organize joint betting games. Lottery may additionally represent Turkey in international organizations and enter into partnerships with them has the authority to cooperate with (*)

In short, whether represented Turkey in this regard with all kinds of gaming regulation and supervision, it has the authority to enter into partnerships to cooperate.

(*) 45. Official Gazette, T. 1 June 1993, Number 19834, p. one.

Public Share Distribution

Public Shares calculated by our Administration on a quarterly basis in accordance with Article 7 of the Law on Arrangement of Taxes, Funds and Shares from the Game of Chance No. 5602 published in the Official Gazette dated 21 March 2007 and numbered 26469, Ministry of Finance Central Accounting Revenue is recorded in the general budget by investing in the unit account. Taking into account the annual public share estimation, an allocation is made to the Ministry of Finance to be transferred to the Defense Industry Support Fund, Promotion Fund, Olympic Games Preparation and Regulation Board, and Higher Education Loans and Dormitories Institution, while allocation for the annual budget of the Social Services and Child Protection Agency. these shares are taken into account.