Ukrainian National Lottery (UNL)

Address: Saksaganskogo str. 119, floor 9 01032 KIEV UKRAINE
Postal address: m. Kiiv, vul. Yu. Shumskogo 1-b pov. 25 of. 110
Phone: +380 44 332 77 77
Year Lottery Founded: 1997
Executive Director: Bochkovskyi Andrii Serhiiovych
Sales FY 2019: N/A
# of Employees: 114
# Points of Sale (POS): 3,300
Games Offered: Super Loto, Loto Maxima, draw Lotto, Troika, Instant Lottery
Jurisdiction: Ukraine

About Ukrainian National Lottery (UNL)

The Ukrainian National Lottery (UNL) is a Ukrainian state lottery operator that runs lotteries on the basis of a license under the supervision of the Ministry of Finance and the State Treasury. UNL runs all types of lottery games – drawing lotteries, electronic instant lotteries, sports lotteries, quick draws, instant paper lotteries.
UNL operates through a wide network of distributors at ground-based outlets and through a variety of mobile and web services. The main mission of the company is to raise funds for the State Budget of Ukraine, as well as for charitable causes. The mission is based on the core values ​​of the company: responsible play, honesty and transparency, safety and community support. The company actively supports Ukrainian culture, music, charities and other good deeds.
UNL has been running lottery operations since 1997 and has proven itself from the outset as an innovative company and industry leader. UNL offers the most popular games in Ukraine with the largest Jackpots.

The company is licensed by the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine No. 446756 Holding of state lotteries “SUPER LOTTO”, “LOTTO MAXIMA”, “KENO”, “LOTTO THREE”, continues to receive a new license in accordance with the current legislation.

In accordance with the second paragraph of Article 15, paragraph 2 of the Law of Ukraine “On State Lotteries in Ukraine”, Article 15, paragraph 2 of the Law of Ukraine “On State Lotteries in Ukraine”:

Article 15. Final and Transitional Provisions 2. Lottery operators who have carried out activities on the issue and holding of state lotteries prior to the entry into force of this Law on the basis of licenses issued shall operate on the basis of these licenses until their expiration.