Vietnam Lottery Company (vietlott)

Address (Headquarters): 15th Floor, CornerStone Building, 16 Phan Chu Trinh, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi
Phone: 024.62.686.818
Fax: 024.62.686.800
Chairman: Mr Le Xuan
General Director: Nguyen Thanh Dam.
Sales 2019: N/A
Games Offered: Pick 2/Pick 3 game, Instants

About Vietnam Lottery Company (vietlott)

Vietnam Lottery One Member Company Limited (trade name Vietlott) was approved to establish in 2011 under the Decision No. 1109 / QD-TTg of the Prime Minister and is directly managed by the Ministry of Finance under the Decision. No. 2933 / QD-BTC. Vietlott organizes business of various types of electronic lottery products and other prize-winning games nationwide according to the law. Vietlott’s organizational structure is compact, professional and effective.

Vietlott recognizes that the Company’s role is enormous, not only successfully developing a nationwide lottery option to provide additional advanced lottery products in addition to the various forms. Existing traditional lotteries, which Vietlott also contributes to the healthyization of current prize-winning entertainment activities, reduce the activities of lottery forms not in the provisions of law.

Vietlott is committed to social responsibility through community support and social security programs. The local budget is entitled to receive all revenues from lottery activities of Vietlott’s chosen lottery (nearly 30% of ticket sales, including taxes and profit after tax) to invest in medical field. education, social welfare to constantly improve the physical and spiritual life for the people as well as create jobs for thousands of local laborers.

Vietlott is the only Vietnamese lottery business to join the World Lottery Association (WLA) and the Asia-Pacific Lottery Association (ALPA). Vietlott operates in compliance with the strictest standards of the WLA and APLA for social responsibility, responsible play, risk management and safety in lottery business.

“Opportunities for better” is the message that Vietlott wants to send to customers, coming to Vietlott is where the beliefs are converted into opportunities to develop and become better. values ​​that Vietlott itself wants to pursue.



Become the leading enterprise in the field of prize-winning entertainment games in Vietnam.


Developing Vietnam’s prize-winning entertainment game market in a modern, transparent and responsible manner.