Global Betting & Gaming Consultants (GBGC)

Address: Barbican House, Second Floor, 8-10 Malew Street, Castletown, Isle of Man, British Isles, IM9 1AB
Phone: +44 (0) 1624 827138
Fax: +44 (0)1624 827139
CEO & Managing Director: Warwick Bartlett

About Global Betting & Gaming Consultants (GBGC)

Global Betting and Gaming Consultants (GBGC) was established by Warwick Bartlett in 1998. GBGC has established itself as the most credible specialist, independent, international gambling consultancy and operates from the Isle of Man supported by a dedicated research team in Zagreb, Croatia.

With its international focus, GBGC is able to offer clients an additional, independent, perspective acquired via extensive market research, consultancy projects and attendance/presentation at gambling industry conferences worldwide. As a consequence, GBGC can call upon a wealth of knowledge of the UK, European, Australian, North American and Asian gambling markets.

GBGC’s consultancy projects have included: market research, operational reviews, the development of corporate strategies, due diligence, IPOs and the development of regulation on behalf of governments. GBGC’s typical clients include gambling operators, state lotteries, gambling software and data suppliers, investment banks, major consultancies and governments/regulators.

In addition to its gambling consultancy, GBGC also publishes specialist gambling reports. These include the comprehensive Global Gambling Report, which covers the gambling regulation and activities of more than 250 jurisdictions on every continent.

Learn more about the various projects that GBGC has undertaken for clients in the gambling industry in the Consultancy Case Studies.

GBGC’s central report is the market-leading Global Gambling Report, which GBGC has been compiling for more than a decade. The Global Gambling Report contains information about gambling activities in more than 250 jurisdictions. Each jurisdiction has its own separate report and contains data, operator news, and tax and regulatory information for each gambling activity.

In addition to the jurisdiction reports the Global Gambling Report contains a wealth of databases with data on revenues for the global gambling market. GBGC’s Interactive Gambling Report focuses on issues, data, and developments in the I-gaming sector. It consists of a report with GBGC’s opinions on the state of the global I-gaming market and an accompanying spreadsheet with forecasts for revenues in the global I-gaming sector.

GBGC’s Gambling Report Subscription enables our customers to make a saving on the cost of purchasing certain reports individually. The subscription gives access to all of GBGC’s reports for 12 months, including updates to the various reports.

Please contact GBGC for further details about the reports and to request a trial account to view samples and templates from the report.

Report Subscription

£6,450Annual fee, 12-month access to all updates.

The GBGC Gambling Report Subscription gives 12 months’ access to both the Global Gambling Report and Internet Gambling Report with all the associated updates to the reports. It also includes additional GBGC research briefings on specific gambling topics.

  • Access All GBGC Publications
  • Get Monthly Updates
  • Global Gambling Report
  • Internet Gambling Report
  • Key Markets Database
  • Specialist Research Briefings

Internet Gambling Report

£1,375One-time fee, 30-day access to downloads.

The Internet Gambling Report focuses on issues and data from the global i-gaming sector, covering online sports, casino, poker, bingo and state lotteries. The report includes key i-gaming regulatory developments in jurisdictions around the world.

The report comprises: I-gaming dataset, i-lottery report, i-gaming regulatory summary and an e-gaming jurisdictions comparison.

  • Global I-gaming Data
  • I-gaming Regulatory Summary
  • Internet Gambling Report
  • Internet Lottery Report
  • Offshore Jurisdictions Comparison
  • With Forecasts to 2025

Global Gambling Report

£4,645One-time fee, 30-day access to downloads.

GBGC’s comprehensive 4,000-page Global Gambling Report contains information and data on the gambling activities in more than 250 jurisdictions. It is constantly updated with new developments in regulation, taxation and market performance for the sports betting, horseracing, casino, bingo, and lottery sectors.

In addition to the jurisdiction reports, the Global Gambling Report contains a wealth of databases with more than 140,000 data points measuring revenues for the global gambling market.

  • 250 Jurisdictions
  • 4000 pages
  • Global Gambling Revenues
  • Global Operators Database
  • Key Markets Database
  • With Forecasts to 2025