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About Smartplay International Inc.


With customer trust and your revenue on the line, Smartplay’s high-quality lottery equipment and worldwide support mean less risk and greater long-term ROI.

Smartplay International, Inc. designs, manufactures, and services mechanical lottery drawing machines and computerized digital lottery (RNG) drawing systems. Founded in 1993, Smartplay has served over 400 customers in 85 countries across lottery, gaming, trade show and media industries.

We offer 20+ models of ball drawing machines for lottery, bingo, keno and other numbers-based games and promotions. In 2003, Smartplay introduced the Origin Digital Drawing System which is now widely used in the lottery industry for conducting lottery and raffle drawings. We have also developed technologies for automating the lottery drawing process as well as distributing results via traditional broadcast, online and social media.

Millions in winnings and the trust of your customers are on the line. As your partner, we take this responsibility very seriously. Here are a few reasons why customers worldwide — including over 40 customers in China, Singapore, and Taiwan — work with Smartplay . . . 

Product Reliability

Many of our lottery systems have been in use continuously for 25 years. This is only possible by using the highest quality materials and incorporating manufacturing innovations that simplify operation and lower risk. Our drawing systems have been tested and certified by leading certification companies including GLI, KPMG, Eclipse, Delahanty Consulting, and BMM.  

Written Product Warranty

New machines are warranted for one year from the date of delivery or 10,000 draw cycles, whichever comes first. We also offer extended warranties and service agreements.