STRATACACHE / Carmanah Signs Inc.

Address: 5-6025 12th Street SE Calgary, AB T2H 2K1
Phone: 403-252-6047
Fax: 403-252-5580
President & CEO: Cameron Waldie
Year of inception: 1993

About STRATACACHE / Carmanah Signs Inc.

Carmanah Signs develops and delivers digital sign networks, interactive experiences, retail sensors, and innovative jackpot signs to the lottery and gaming industry. Our software platform enables users to manage digital content and interactive experiences (including lottery, gaming, sports betting, monitor games, and more) from one central interface.

Carmanah’s retail marketing technologies and data insights help transform the player journey, deepen player insights, boost brand equity, and increase sales.

A leading supplier to the global lottery industry for over 20 years, Carmanah is the Lottery & Gaming Division of STRATACACHE, the world’s largest provider of intelligent in-store marketing technology. Together, STRATACACHE and Carmanah have over 2.4 million digital signs and 155,000 wireless jackpot signs at retailers globally, serving 54 lottery jurisdictions and 500+ casinos on four continents.