Bill Proposes Creation of Lottery to Maintain Santa Casa

December 28, 2022 | Lottery News
  • City Councilman Presented a Bill This Week That Provides for the Creation of a Public Lottery Service in Corumbá, with the Proceeds Reverted to Maintaining Santa Casa Hospital
  • The Santa Casa hospital is responsible for the care of approximately 150 thousand people, including residents of Corumbá/MS, Ladário, and Bolivian citizens residing on the border.

BRAZIL (December 9, 2022) — According to the Project, the Municipality is authorized to explore the public service of lotteries, called Loteria Corumbá (LOTOCORUMBÁ), under any of the lottery modalities provided for in Federal Law n. 13,756, of December 12, 2018, prohibiting the exploration of any other modality that has not been legalized by Federal Law.

It also provides that the exploration will be limited to the territory of Corumba, observing, where applicable, the Federal Law existing for each lottery modality, by the Executive Power, through the competent Municipal Secretariat or, alternatively, by a legal entity governed by private law, in the condition of concession, permission or accredited organization, regularly constituted according to the current Brazilian laws, with headquarters and administration in the Country.

The product of the total collection obtained by the municipality of Corumbá through the taking of bets or the sale of LOTOCORUMBÁ tickets, by physical or virtual means, will be destined to Santa Casa de Corumbá, as well as the values of the prizes that have not been claimed in the period of 90 days

Important Alternative

In justifying the Bill, Chicão recalled that “ Corumbá, like the whole world, faced one of the most tragic moments in the health and lives of millions of people due to the covid-19 pandemic, as well as the measures to contain and face this global public health crisis ”.

In addition to the loss of so many lives and the health and social consequences, the Municipal Government has seriously suffered the economic consequences, with significant losses in revenue and, consequently, compromising its financial power to act ”, he continued.

He mentioned that Loteria Corumbá, in addition to being a tool capable of increasing municipal revenue, has the potential to finance, or at least help, the income of Santa Casa de Corumbá. He reported on the federal lotteries that generated BRL 2.74 billion in collections in the first four months of 2021, an amount 13% higher than the BRL 2.42 billion in transfers accounted for during the same period of 2020, according to the 1st Brazilian Lottery Market report released on September 23 by the Ministry of Economy.

The Union, through Caixa Econômica Federal, has historically successfully operated lotteries nationwide, with this modality having the objective of financing various actions of the Federal Government in the areas of sport, culture, security, and health, among others.

The councilor recalled that, on September 30, 2020, the Federal Supreme Court (STF) decided that the Union does not have exclusivity in the exploitation of lotteries, extending to States and Municipalities the competence not to legislate, but to explore lottery modalities.


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