Danish Gambling Authority Update’s Guide on Responsible Gambling

December 27, 2022 | Government

ODENSE, Denmark (December 8, 2022) — The Danish Gambling Authority’s guide on responsible gambling has been updated on 6 December 2022 to version 1.4. The changes primarily include information for players and the duty to pay attention. In addition, there are minor changes to the general information on responsible gambling, for example, figures from the latest prevalence survey on gambling have been added.

Information for players

The guide on the Danish Gambling Authority’s labeling scheme and on the information licence holders must provide to players has undergone an update. For online casinos and online betting, the information on deposit limits is detailed and for land-based casinos, there is, among other things, additional guidance on information for players and marketing in case of self-exclusion from the casino.

Duty to pay attention

The section on the duty to pay attention and interventions towards players has also been updated, among other things the guidance on VIP programs and the use of bonus offers have been expanded.

Finally, the guidance has undergone a general revision.

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SOURCE: Spillemyndigheden.

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