US Patent Issued for Lottery Ticket Dispensing Method And System With Additional Purchase Recommendation Capability

December 28, 2022 | Government

DOCUMENT ID US: 20220375313 A1

DATE PUBLISHED: 2022-11-24

INVENTORS: Rolfs; Susan Emily, Stover; Todd George, Kreider; Jacob Ezra, DiCroce; Richard Colin, Christensen; Kent D.


DATE FILED: 2021-05-24


ABSTRACT: A lottery ticket dispensing method provides different types of lottery tickets in a jurisdiction and includes providing first lottery tickets for sale from a dispenser for the first type of lottery game. Upon a player making a selection of one of the first lottery tickets for purchase, a controller in communication with the dispenser determines whether one or more other lottery games are available for play within the jurisdiction. The method assigns one or more companion games from the available other lottery games based on the player’s selection of the first lottery ticket and predefined filter values. The companion games are presented to the player as a suggestion or recommendation for an additional lottery ticket purchase. Upon the player selecting one of the companion games for purchase, the additional lottery ticket is provided to the player from the dispenser.

SOURCE: US Patent & Trademark Office.