DLTB Draws a Positive Balance for 2022

January 6, 2023 | Government

LOTTO 6aus49 remains the most popular lottery in GermanyLOTTO 6aus49 remains the most popular lottery in German

In 2022, too, the Germans have found happiness. 187 players in the lotteries of the state-licensed state lottery companies became millionaires with a direct hit

  • 187 new millionaires in Germany
  • Around €3.9 billion nationwide distribution of profits
  • €7.97 billion stakes
  • Around €8.73 million a day for the common good

Hanover, Germany (January 4, 2023) — In 2022, 187 people nationwide could look forward to winning millions in state-licensed lotteries. The 16 state lottery companies affiliated to the German Lotto and Totoblock (DLTB) were able to make at least three new millionaires a week on average. A total of around €7.97 billion was spent in Germany for the lotteries of the state-licensed state lottery companies, which means a slight increase in stakes of around 0.9% compared to the previous year.

“Despite the economic and geopolitical situation, the Germans tried their luck in 2022 as well. We were able to pay out €3.9 billion in winnings across all types of games and thus make game participants happy throughout Germany,” summarizes Axel Holthaus, Managing Director of the leading block partner LOTTO Niedersachsen.

The taxes and duties paid to the respective state budgets and beneficiaries from the stakes were able to support many projects for the common good in all federal states in 2022. Around €3.18 billion – ie around €8.73 million per day – benefited the general public, particularly in the areas of welfare, sport, art, culture, monument preservation, and environmental protection. Climate protection is also an important concern for the state lottery companies so that projects are financed from their own funds and supportive measures such as e.g. B. photovoltaic systems were implemented.

The state lottery companies’ gaming for the common good is expressly regulated by the State Treaty on Gaming 2021 (GlüStV 2021) on the basis of regulatory law and within the framework of federal responsibility. In addition, the companies still stand united for the achievement of the target according to § 1 of the State Treaty on Gaming 2021.

“This is also confirmed by the renewed state permits for the organization of lotteries by the gaming authorities in the individual federal states. As a result, we will be able to continue to fulfill our channeling mandate in the years to come with reputable, modern lottery products,” explains Sven Osthoff, Managing Director of LOTTO Niedersachsen.

LOTTO 6aus49 remains the most popular lottery

As in previous years, players nationwide preferred to place their bets at LOTTO 6aus49 in 2022. The stakes for the classic amounting to around €3.84 billion make up almost 50% of the total stakes in the state-licensed lotteries of the state lottery companies.

“The slight decline compared to the previous year can be explained by the shorter jackpot phases,” says Axel Holthaus.

Eurojackpot defends second place in the rankings

With around €1.76 billion in stakes, Eurojackpot ranks second among the most popular lotteries in 2022. This means that around 22.06% of the total stakes in the state lottery companies can be attributed to the European lottery.

Since the Eurojackpot product change in March 2022, prizes of up to €120 million are possible. Players bet on 5 out of 50 winning numbers and 2 out of 12 euro numbers. A second Eurojackpot draw was also introduced on Tuesday.

“Eurojackpot expresses the European idea of ​​gambling in the 18 participating countries and thrives on high sums in prize class 1. We are therefore pleased that there have already been three jackpot phases since the product change this year, in which prizes in the three-digit million range have been achieved,” summarizes Axel Holthaus.

Digital games continue to gain relevance

True to the motto “Be where your customer is”, the 16 state lottery companies also offer their attractive product portfolio online on their regional websites and in their apps. Game tips for the lotteries of the state lottery companies can also be prepared via the service and information portal LOTTO.de. In 2022, the digital range of games generated a total of around €1.09 billion in stakes.

“With the help of secure and modern technology, the 16 state lottery companies are comprehensively fulfilling their channeling mandate on the Internet. Likewise, the lottery principle, which is geared towards the common good, will continue to be kept future-proof through digital transformation,” explains Sven Osthoff.

Structural-political importance of acceptance points

The dense network of around 21,000 acceptance points throughout Germany is a major pillar of the range offered by state lottery companies. “With our contractual partners, we can do justice to the canalisation task in the stationary area. In addition, together we make a significant contribution to the development of rural regions as independent living and economic areas. The collection points are often part of the village shops that keep small communities alive and ensure local supply,” explains Axel Holthaus.

187 million wins in Germany

In 2022, a total of 1,200 players nationwide won at least €100,000.00 in the lotteries of the state lottery companies. Of these, 187 people became millionaires with a direct hit. Most new millionaires were in North Rhine-Westphalia (45) in 2022, followed by Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg (31 each) and Lower Saxony (15).

In November 2022, a player from Berlin received the highest lottery prize ever achieved in Germany at €120 million at Eurojackpot. Likewise, in May 2022, a prize of more than €110 million at Eurojackpot went to North Rhine-Westphalia via an Internet tip. A player from Hesse already achieved the third-highest prize in 2022 in April 2022: €45 million at LOTTO 6aus49.

The lotto numbers in 2022

The winning number 49 was the most frequently drawn in LOTTO 6aus49 in 2022, closely followed by the 1st place in third place last year, followed by the winning number 16. The number that has been the rarest since the first Lotto drawing in 1955 to this day was drawn is 45.

Outlook 2023: New draw machines for LOTTO 6aus49

A new era dawns on January 18, 2023: In the redesigned drawing studio in Saarbrücken, new drawing machines for LOTTO 6aus49 and the super number as well as new lottery balls are used.

“The current machines are going into well-deserved retirement after more than 60 years and over 2,300 lottery millionaires drawn,” explains Sven Osthoff.

Axel Holthaus adds: “With the new devices, we have our finger on the pulse. The transparency of the draws of our classic has a top priority: Due to the enlargement of the draw drum and an additional camera, which for the first time also films the inside of the lottery draw in the draw drum, all viewers can understand the drawing process even better.

Interested parties can follow the first live draws with the new draw machines for LOTTO 6aus49 on January 18, 2023, as usual at LOTTO.de.

Author: Hannah Strobel, LOTTO Lower Saxony.

SOURCE: Toto-Lotto Niedersachsen GmbH (The Lead Company of the German Lotto and Totoblock (DLTB)).