Italy’s Communications Authority Fines Meta (Facebook) 750,000 Euros for Violating the Ban for Advertising on Games

January 18, 2023 | Government

ITALY (January 13, 2023) — The Communications Authority has imposed a significant fine against Meta (Facebook) for violating the rules on the prohibition of gambling advertising.

“The Board of the Authority has unanimously adopted an order injunction against the company Meta Platforms Ireland Limited (Meta) for an amount equal to 750,000.00 euros for the violation of the prohibition of gambling advertising enshrined in the so-called “Dignity decree”.

This is the first provision issued by the Authority against a social media platform for allowing the dissemination of content, in violation of the aforementioned prohibition.

Among the reasons underlying the fine, it is underlined, in particular, that Meta is responsible for not having foreseen in its general conditions, intended for the Italian market and relating to the promotion of paid goods and services, any restriction in relation to the advertising of games with cash prizes. Specifically, it emerged that the company allows all its business customers who intend to address the Italian public to promote such content, including through the “targeting” of advertisements.

In addition to the administrative fine, the Authority has also ordered Meta to prevent each author of the sponsorships covered by the provision from disseminating and uploading similar infringing contents, in line with the most recent rulings of the Court of Justice of the European Union”


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