LOTTO Bayern Introduces New Draw Machines for LOTTO Numbers and Super Numbers

January 18, 2023 | Lottery News

MUNICH, Germany (January 17, 2022) — “Before the drawing, the supervisor checked that the drawing machine was in good condition.” This sentence has become a cult following the LOTTO number draw. Starting tomorrow, the rate will apply to new draw machines in LOTTO 6aus49.

“We are looking forward to winning the 1085th million in Bavarian lottery history, which can be determined from tomorrow with the new LOTTO draw machines,” says Claus Niederalt before the premiere of the new generation of machines. At the same time, the President of the State Lottery and Casino Administration assures all LOTTO players that the drawing process will continue to be as secure as possible. “The new lucky machine uses state-of-the-art technology to determine the winning numbers,” assures Niederalt and promises even greater transparency in the drawing process: “By enlarging the drawing drum and using an additional camera, which for the first time also films the inside of the lottery drawing in the drawing drum all viewers can understand the drawing process even better.”

From 6:25 p.m. the new devices can be seen live in their first draw on The draw, which is broadcast there every Wednesday and Saturday, is broadcast from the redesigned drawing studio in Saarbrücken. The new devices will be presented there in a central location in the draw studio on a specially made pedestal. The background of the studio is also made lighter and the lighting is adjusted. The cameras are also realigned.

For more than 60 years, the previous lucky machines for the correct six and the super number were in use and have won over 2300 million. Now they are retiring to make way for a new generation.

The new drawing drum for LOTTO 6aus49 made of acrylic glass will have a diameter of 780 millimeters instead of the previous 750 millimeters. In addition, the drawing device has grown to a total height of 1920 millimeters. The device for drawing the super number will have a tire shape in the future. The balls are clearly visible on the inside of this hoop before the draw.

The previously used table tennis balls will be replaced by new lottery balls from January 18, 2023. Each of these soft plastic balls made of PU material has a diameter of 54 millimeters and weighs 25 grams.

The new LOTTO 6aus49 draw machines were manufactured by the Austrian company Form Orange.

The drawing devices are regularly checked and serviced by the manufacturer. The weight and size of all LOTTO balls are also checked using appropriate testing methods and precision scales.

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