Modernized Drawing Devices and Larger Balls in Use – Transparency Has Top Priority!

January 20, 2023 | Lottery News

MUSTER, Germany (January 17, 2023) — Wednesday, January 18, 2023, 6:25 p.m.: A new era is dawning for LOTTO 6aus49. In the future, the lottery numbers will be determined with new devices in the redesigned studio in Saarbrücken. This ensures that the draws of the classic will continue to run smoothly in the future. The old machines are retiring after more than 60 years and over 2,300 lottery millionaires have drawn. Above all, transparency has a top priority in modernization: The new devices are presented at a central point in the drawing studio on a specially-made pedestal. The larger drawing drum allows spectators to observe the process even better. Answers to the top questions about these changes:

What’s new in the LOTTO 6aus49 drawing machine? 
The new drawing drum for LOTTO 6aus49 made of acrylic glass will have a diameter of 780 mm instead of 750 mm. In addition, the device has grown to a total height of 1,920 mm. The previous gripper arm made of steel wire will no longer exist. For this purpose, a transparent collection piece will draw the balls and bring them to the runway through a side-mounted outlet pipe, also made of acrylic glass. There the lottery ball rolls out of the draw machine. In addition to the well-known 360-degree camera in the studio, there will also be an additional one that will film the interior of the new drawing machine.

Will the drawing machine for the super number also be adjusted? 

The super number drawing device now has a tire shape. The balls are clearly visible on the inside of this hoop before the draw. For the drawing, the balls are transported through an opening there. After the shuffling process, the winning number drawn is then presented inside the new machine.

Are there also changes to the balls? 

When the new balls fall from the chute into the draw drum, they make a different noise than before: a whole new lottery feeling! Because the previously used table tennis balls will be replaced by new lottery balls. These are slightly larger, labeled soft plastic balls made from PU material (polyurethane: plastic). The diameter of the balls increases from 40 mm to 54 mm. The font height is also adjusted from 9 mm to 15 mm. And whoever gets bigger usually also gets heavier: the weight of the lottery balls increases from 3.09 grams to around 25 grams. The color and font remain the same.

Why are the draws still being held mechanically and not digitally? 

The transparency of the draws has a top priority. The draws of LOTTO 6aus49 and the Superzahl should continue to be understandable for all game participants. Mechanical drawing devices make this possible, among other things, through the visible mixing and drawing process.

How is it ensured that the technology works perfectly? 

The new drawing devices were manufactured by the Austrian company Form Orange, taking into account the highest lottery standards, security, transparency and integrity. The new devices were approved by an independent testing company. Once a year, the drawing devices are also checked and serviced by the manufacturer. This also applies to the balls. To ensure that everyone always has the same chance of being drawn, the weight and circumference must be exactly the same.

Can a lottery draw be rigged with the new draw machines? 

No LOTTO 6aus49 is a random-based game of chance. Each drawing takes place under notarial, official or officially approved supervision and with logging. The live draws are public and therefore accessible to everyone. Up to 25 people can take part (registration at: In addition, it is ensured that the draw will be broadcast live on the Internet on and the YouTube channel lottode.

More detailed information about the new drawing devices can be found in this PDF: To the information flyer

SOURCE: West German Lottery GmbH & Co. OHG (WestLotto)

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