Online Lottery Dealer Denies Breaking Law by Charging a Processing Fee

January 19, 2023 | Lottery News

CEO of Kong Salak Plus, an online lottery platform has denied allegations that the company resells government lottery tickets online at inflated prices by saying there is a processing fee for buying the lottery tickets through the platform.

Thai News Agency (TNA) reported the office of Kong Salak Plus in Bangkok was raided by the police on Monday after the Government Lottery Office (GLO) filed a complaint for an investigation into alleged price gouging and other related offences.

After the raid, Kong Salak Plus CEO, Panthawat Nakwisut claimed that the platform neither resells lottery tickets at inflated prices nor violates any law.

Everything has a processing fee, he said citing that buyers of government lottery tickets via the Pao Tang application have to pay the fee, deducted from the prize when they win the lottery tickets.

Meanwhile, he confirmed that buyers of lottery tickets from his online platform can watch live the lottery draw today and can claim the prizes as usual.

Speaking about the allegation that the company had not been granted the right by GLO to sell lottery tickets, he said anyone can resell the lottery ticket without a license and Kong Salak Plus buys lottery tickets from retailers, not from those who are granted quota by the GLO.

If the GLO will revoke the quota of 11 million lottery tickets from the direct buyers from the GLO, it has nothing to do with his platform, he said.

The lottery tickets are not considered as a form of gambling under the Gambling Act, so its advertisement is not against the law, he added.

He also said he planned to introduce his political party, named “Plean” which literally means a change in Thai. He intended to solve the problem of overpriced lottery tickets. His new party awaits being certified by the Election Commission.

SOURCE: Thai News Agency (TNA) via Pattaya Mail.

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