CAIXA Lotteries Commemorates Responsible Gaming Day in Brazil

February 20, 2023 | Responsible gaming

The actions adopted are aimed at preventing those under 18 years of age from gambling and providing guidance on the prevention and treatment of gambling-related damage.

On February 17, CAIXA Lotteries commemorates Responsible Gaming Day, a day designed to highlight the importance of establishing a healthy relationship between players and lottery products.

To commemorate the date, Loterias CAIXA carries out actions aimed at all its audiences, with the publication of posts on social media, disclosure of information to the internal public and participation in the International Responsible Gaming Seminar, promoted annually by the World Lottery Association (WLA).

CAIXA Lotteries follows the best international practices in the management of Federal Lotteries and has level 3 certification in Responsible Gaming. The recognition is granted by the WLA, which brings together lotteries from nearly 80 countries. The entity proposes management structures and certifies organizations that follow its guidelines at four levels. The higher the level, the greater the degree of excellence of the certified institution.

Responsible Gambling, considered a Corporate Social Responsibility practice, is a program made up of segmented guidelines for the gaming, lottery, and betting industry. At CAIXA Lotteries, the program has ten elements whose guidelines establish the development of actions aimed at educating players and sellers of lottery products and guidance on gambling-related disorders. Elements related to communication, education, orientation, identification, evaluation, research, employees, retailers, design and distance play are addressed in the Program.

CAIXA’s Responsible Gaming program is available at

International Certification

A member of the World Lottery Association, CAIXA, as the operating agent of the Brazilian Federal Lotteries, has the task of developing and selling lottery products, holding draws, paying out prizes and directing sales proceeds to legal beneficiaries, all of this responsibly. Caring for and serving the gaming client and society in a broader sense, analyzing the business from various angles, makes corporate social responsibility, especially the Responsible Gaming Principles, a priority for CAIXA Lotteries. This effort and commitment guarantee not only the protection of the public but also the sustainability of income.

The Responsible Gambling Program of CAIXA Lotteries complies with the requirements established by the Responsible Gambling Certification Program, also issued by the WLA.

SOURCE: Cibelae / CAIXA Lotteries

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