Coljuegos Convenes Working Groups for the Construction of the National Responsible Gaming Policy

February 24, 2023 | Responsible gaming

Bogota DC, Colombia (February 20, 2023) — The Commercial Vice President of Coljuegos, Henry García González, during the commemoration of the International Day of Responsible Gambling, welcomed all the players in the gaming sector in Colombia to build the National Responsible Gambling Policy, where the agreements and dispositions of the operators in front of the players.

According to Dr. Henry García, this policy seeks to formalize 3 aspects:

1. Protect the entire community from the negative consequences of not controlling the impulses to play; in order to promote it as a healthy leisure and entertainment activity.

2. Promulgate reliable and truthful information regarding the gambling sector in its different components and thereby generate security in the information provided for decision-making regarding gambling.

3. Provide tools that, in addition to the information previously provided, serve to educate the player in the gaming activity, and thereby prevent excessive use therefore, this results in direct protection for both the player and his life relationship, that is, for all those who are part of their environment.

“The objective is to implement the self-care tools in the players. We know that it is a process of culture change, which with practice will be internalized and become organic as it has been in other countries of the world” affirmed Dr. García.

The promotion of practices such as the self-exclusion format and the self-diagnosis test will provide fundamental tools so that players can appreciate these spaces within an entertainment framework, with the ability to identify the right moment to withdraw.

García González, explained that it is a job of the entire luck and chance sector in Colombia, which involves the public and private sectors around the generation of alliances. “This policy is built in conjunction with unions, foundations, and support networks for uncontrolled players, the academic and research sector, the Ministry of Health and Social Protection, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Finance, and the Ministry of Science, Technology, and Innovation,” he added. the official.

On this day of International Responsible Gaming Day, the Commercial Vice President of Coljuegos, defined the National Responsible Gaming Policy, as the concretion of this strategy in which Coljuegos has been working since 2018, which would encompass awareness in the same scenario in this sector, prevention, support for those affected, the commitment of operators, participation in spaces for interaction with players and integrity in betting.

Likewise, he reflected on the vision of this industry in a positive way and with a great impact on the national economy, for which it should be promoted at the level of pioneering countries in this practice, to be increasingly competitive, sustainable and aware of the social responsibility that one has with the citizenship.

Finally, Coljuegos’ commitment to constant and hard work to protect the player was reaffirmed, guaranteeing the best conditions and accompanying the operators to apply the activities established in the policy, “Our industry does not stop growing and we must move forward with a firm step, the good practices of other countries inspire us and the players in Colombia are our motivation”, concluded the official.

SOURCE: Coljuegos.

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