Dutch Lottery Signs Diversity Charter

February 23, 2023 | Lottery News
Rijswijk (February 20, 2023) –Nederlandse Loterij has committed itself to the Diversity Charter. CEO Niels Onkenhout signed the Diversity Charter today during a meeting of SER Diversity in Business at KPN in Amsterdam. The Dutch Lottery hereby pledges that diversity and inclusion (D&I) are of added value to the organization and that strategic resources will be deployed to promote D&I in the workplace.

b - group photo signatories kpnNederlandse Loterij was one of thirteen employers who took part in the signing ceremony that took place prior to the Charter meeting  This is how you strengthen LGBTI+ inclusion in the workplace.

Niels Onkenhout, CEO of Nederlandse Loterij: ‘Nederlandse Loterij attaches great importance to diversity and inclusion. With the Diversity Charter, we show that it is not only being discussed but that we are really actively working on making the Nederlandse Loterij an even more inclusive organisation.’

Rolf van der Maas, policy officer at SER Diversity in Business, was closely involved in organizing the signing ceremony. “For me, it is very inspiring to experience the enthusiasm of the Dutch Lottery to join the Diversity Charter up close,” said Van der Maas. “All new Charter signatories are really immersed in the mission of creating truly equal opportunities for everyone in the workplace. I am also convinced that this will inspire other companies and organizations to commit themselves to strengthening inclusion in the labor market.”

Within six months of signing, the parties affiliated today submit an Action Plan in which they further describe their D&I policy and goals. They report annually on the progress of the goals.

SOURCE:Nederlandse Loterij.

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