DWG’s LuckyTap™ Changes the Game

February 3, 2023 | iGaming

Innovative no-reel, no-spin LuckyTap™ titles are disrupting the iGaming industry.

February 1, 2023 – Design Works Gaming (DWG) has disrupted the iGaming industry with the introduction of its LuckyTap™ product line. A complete departure from the mundane symbol-matching mechanics typical of slots, LuckyTap™ has paved a new road for this genre of games.

By casting aside traditional reels and lines that limit slot games, DWG has ergonomically designed a product that resonates with today’s digital content consumption.

LuckyTap™ is the future of gambling and it’s taking the industry by storm. With a quick “tap” to set the game in motion, players are treated to eye-catching animations, innovative features, and culturally relevant themes. Due to this, the games are attracting players of all genders and age demographics.

DWG CEO Troy Zurawski said: “How often does a company perfect a new genre of gambling game? Hardly ever. 99 percent of what we’ve consumed over the past three decades has been derivative in nature.

“We are not iterating on established gambling models. We’ve removed dice, cards, balls and matching models and transitioned into success-driven mechanics. Did I win or did I lose? This has allowed us to cut through a huge learning curve that exists in most gambling games, leaving room for more enjoyment and excitement. Whether you are throwing a football, tossing a coin or hitting a pinata, it is clear from the very first round how to win and how much you win, without a complicated paytable to decipher.” 

The birth of LuckyTap™

DWG’s team takes a unique approach to game design, studying human behaviors, player impulses, and game data. These learnings are then infused into their game concepts and development processes. As a result of their research and findings, LuckyTap™ was born.

“When I first started in the industry, almost every game I played was packed with millions of complicated features.

“But what I observed was all players really care about is whether they win or lose. So why not remove the barrier of symbols and lines? Get them to the result faster and cut out the confusion,” DWG Game Design Manager Dustin Bozovich said.

The DNA of LuckyTap™ is simplicity, not complexity. Built upon uncomplicated mechanics and success-based gambling methodology, players of any level can easily understand how LuckyTap™ games are played and how they win. Because of this, the games appeal to customers who don’t traditionally play slots while also capturing the attention of seasoned casino players.

LuckyTap™ games top the charts

The LuckyTap™ brand has caught the eyes of the biggest operators in both the US and the UK due to their chart-topping performance and increased popularity among players.

LuckyTap™ and other DWG games have a regular presence in the top 10 spots on the Eilers-Fantini Online Game Performance Report, which tracks more than 35,000 games across Michigan, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Connecticut. In this report, Flippin Rich LuckyTap™ was named the number 1 performing online casino game overall in regulated US markets for September 2022. Break the Bounty LuckyTap™ and Piggy Payouts Bank Buster LuckyTap™ also hit the top of the list over the last 12 months.

The competitive edge

With a product line as revolutionary as LuckyTap™, operators are vying for their own exclusive titles. DWG has recently worked with online casino juggernauts, such as BetMGM, William Hill, and Golden Nugget Online Casino, to create exclusive LuckyTap™ games to give them an edge over their competition.

These bespoke titles have enraptured their player base and are consistently top performers on every site.

What’s on the horizon?

DWG has already released 30 LuckyTap™ games into the US and UK market and is slated to release 15 new titles in the next 12 months. The game studio is in talks with several major brands that are interested in leveraging the power of LuckyTap™ using their IP.

For licensing opportunities or to learn about how you can bring game-changing LuckyTap™ titles to your players, visit designworksgaming.com or email hello@designworksgaming.com.

SOURCE: Design Works Gaming (DWG).

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