First Distribution of the LOTTO Foundation 2023

February 8, 2023 | Financial

From social counseling to musical encounters to impulses for climate protection

The Board of Trustees decided to support 24 projects with almost 10 million euros. Around 42 million bets were played at LOTTO Berlin.

First decisions by the Board of Trustees:

Berlin, Germany (February 3, 2023) – In its first meeting in 2023, chaired by the Governing Mayor Franziska Giffey, the Board of Trustees of the Berlin LOTTO Foundation decided to fund 24 charitable projects with a total volume of almost 10 million euros.

For the current election period, the Board of Trustees consists of three members appointed by the Berlin Senate and three members elected by the Berlin House of Representatives: the Governing Mayor Franziska Giffey, the Senator Bettina Jarasch and Dr. Lena Kreck and Raed Saleh, MdA (SPD), Silke Gebel MdA (Bündnis 90/Die Grünen) and Kai Wegner MdA (CDU).

Numerous social and cultural projects were on the list of recipients of foundation funds this time. Since at least 20 percent of every bet played at LOTTO Berlin flows into the LOTTO Foundation, around 42 million bets had to be played at LOTTO for the 10 million euros distributed.

Here is more information on the following funded projects:

Social counseling within the medical practice
Music to gain strength
More than a singing competition
For a CO2-positive future

(The list of all projects can be found in the second document of this press release)

Sozial Gesundheit e. V.

In-house social counseling

The registered association for social health is committed to psychosocial health in Berlin-Lichtenberg. The medical practice’s internal social counseling supports disadvantaged people directly. The case and care management of this offer is to be continued and further developed.

People in complex life situations, old age, illness or loneliness receive advice, support and assistance from the association. You will e.g. B. in communication with medical staff and health service providers. Since the offer takes place in doctors’ surgeries, gaps in health and social care can be closed close to home. In order to ensure the high quality and efficiency of the work, the registered association needs social health, more mobile staff and better technical equipment.

The LOTTO Foundation subsidizes Sozial Gesundheit e. V. with 400,000 euros so that the medical practice’s internal social counseling for disadvantaged people in Berlin-Lichtenberg can be continued and developed.

German Friends of European Youth Orchestras e. V.

Music to draw strength

The annual Young Euro Classics Festival is the world’s most important platform for young international orchestras. It stands for international encounters as well as artistic and socio-political exchange. In 2023 there should be a conceptual reorientation with a view to the crises of the present.

Young Euro Classics promotes value discussions among musicians from all over the world. The festival keeps its finger on the pulse: in 2023, the “Neighbors of War” section will serve as an artistic, creative and discursive dialogue about current political events in Eastern Europe. In addition to performances by youth orchestras from Ukraine, Georgia, Uzbekistan and Estonia, there is room for a personal exchange of concerns, needs, hopes and ideas. Composition workshops and chamber ensembles allow participants to forge alliances and recharge their batteries.

With a grant of 200,000 euros, the LOTTO Foundation enables encounters and exchanges between young musicians as part of the Young Euro Classics Festival.

Federal Singing Competition Berlin e. V

More than a singing competition

The federal singing competition is the most important national competition for young singers in Germany. Young artists are encouraged and supported in their career choices. In 2023 the competition will take place in the Musical/Chanson category.

The national singing competition is much more than an award: the young singers are supported in their training and career entry. The competition requirements are job-oriented and participants receive valuable feedback. There are also opportunities for networking. At the same time, the competition promotes diversity and encourages young singers to question traditions and clichés. In this way, the national singing competition contributes significantly to the enrichment of the industry.

The LOTTO Foundation has been supporting the national singing competition since it was founded in 1966. The 52nd competition in 2023 will be supported with a grant of 35,000 euros.

Institute for Climate Protection, Energy and Mobility – Law, Economy and Politics e. V. (IKEM)

For a CO2-positive future

The IKEM is an independent research institute with more than 10 years of experience in interdisciplinary research on climate protection in the tension between law, economy, and politics. In 2023, the institute invites you to a 5-day academy on energy and climate issues in Berlin.

The planned academy is entitled “Earth 2050: Roadmap to a Co2-positive planet” and benefits from cooperation with the University of Greifswald. The program includes excursions to power generation plants as well as workshops, lectures, and discussions for interested parties from all over the world, experts from business, industry, think tanks, and politics. Interdisciplinarity is a central criterion for the selection of the participants. The academy will examine technological innovations for a climate-friendly future from all perspectives. Participants receive important impulses for their respective work areas.

The LOTTO Foundation subsidizes the planned academy for a CO2-positive future of the Institute for Climate Protection, Energy, and Mobility with 55,000.00 euros.


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