Government to Strengthen Regulations in March to Combat Illegal Betting Sites that do Not Pay Taxes

February 23, 2023 | illegal gambling

CHILE (February 20, 2023) — Games of chance in Chile are illegal, except for those that are expressly authorized by law, such as those administered by La Polla, the Concepción Lottery, racetracks and gambling casinos.

More than 900 sites for online gambling are available in Chile, despite the fact that these are not regulated and are illegal, according to the data handled by the Superintendency of Gaming Casinos.

From the Association of Gaming Casinos, they hope that the indications to the bill that regulates these platforms will be presented in March, ensuring that those who have operated illegally should be punished.

The Government announced that for that same month, it would present the indications to the project that seeks to address these operations since in addition to not taking charge of gambling or the entry of minors, they do not pay taxes and unfair competition is generated.

Therefore, the executive president of the Association of Gaming Casinos, Cecilia Valdés, stressed that legislation is urgently needed.

The head of the Study Unit of the Superintendence of Gaming Casinos, Rodrigo Ajenjo, stressed that they have sent 37 complaints to the Public Ministry that are related to these platforms.

The organism also officiated to television channels, radio stations, and sports clubs for publicity and existing sponsorships in these activities.

Even the Chilean Charity Board filed a criminal complaint against those responsible for the illegal online betting operation.

The deputy for National Renewal and president of the Economic Commission of the Chamber of Deputies, Miguel Mellado, emphasized that this issue must be attacked quickly.


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