Loteria Mineira Has Launched a Tender for the Concession of Exploration and Operation of Games in the Territory of Minas Gerais

February 10, 2023 | Lottery News

BRAZIL (February 8, 2023) — The Lottery of the State of Minas Gerais (Lemg) has opened a tender for the concession of exploration and operation of games in the territory of Minas Gerais. The notice was published in the Official Gazette, in the International Public Tender modality. The contract provides for the collection of R$ 5 billion, with a minimum transfer of R$500 million to the State, over its 20-year term

Now, there is a period of 45 consecutive days for the presentation and opening of proposals. The company that wins the competition will have a schedule of implementation phases, with a view to starting the commercial exploitation of the games.

By traditional lottery games, it is understood the instant lottery, commonly called scratch card, and the conventional lottery, which uses the drawing of balls, which was Lemg’s flagship in the past.

The concessionaire company will be responsible for strategic planning services; product creation; printing solutions; implementation and operation of lottery products; marketing; storage; creation and operation of distribution network; marketing and payment of premiums.

legal security

The Secretary of State for Finance, Gustavo Barbosa, accompanied the entire process of creating the notice, which lasted more than two years. He claims that the autarchy surrounded itself with strict technical and legal criteria to guarantee the fairness of the bidding process.

We were very attentive to the challenges that occurred in other states and we looked into the matter, received contributions, and held hearings. All of this with the intention of building the documentary set that mitigates any doubts”, emphasizes Barbosa.

The first public hearing was on May 26, and the second was on November 9, 2022. On both occasions, the main companies in the gaming sector, national and international, sent representatives.

Before the hearings, also to ensure maximum fairness and transparency in the process, Lemg had already received contributions through the Expression of Interest Procedure (PMI) and public consultation.

“At all these stages, the representatives of the companies interested in the process had the opportunity to present contributions and suggestions, which were evaluated by the Special Tender Commission, in order to improve the public notice”, says the general director of Loteria Mineira, Ronan Moreira.

Publications, Notice, and Attachments – International Public Bid LEMG nº 001/2023

1 – Publication of Notice of Public Bid LEMG nº 001/2023 and the communication of the answers resulting from Public Hearing nº 02/2022:
1.1 – Publication Official Gazette of the State of Minas Gerais
1.2 – Publication Portal de Compras/MG
1.3 – Publication Jornal Folha from Sao Paulo

2 – Documents that makeup LEMG Public Tender nº 001/2023:
2.1 – Public Notice – International Public Tender LEMG nº 001/2023
2.2 – Annex I – Basic Project
2.3 – Appendix 1
2.4 – Appendix 2
2.5 – Annex II – Contract Draft
2.6 – Attachment III – Allocation of Risks
2.7 – Attachment IV – Concessionaire Charges
2.8 – Attachment V – Performance Indicators
2.9 – Attachment VI – Invitation to Bid Templates
2.10 – Attachment VII – Schedule


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