Mobile Games Hit 66% Uninstall Rate in 2022, the Highest of All App Categories

February 16, 2023 | Gaming

LONDON, U.K. (February 14, 2023) — Last year, mobile users worldwide generated over 235 billion app downloads, 7% more than in 2021, and mobile games made almost half of that figure. And while gaming apps lead in the total number of downloads, they also have the highest uninstall rate in the app industry.

According to data presented by, Android gaming apps hit a 66% uninstall rate in 2022, much higher than any other app category.

Every Second Gaming App Uninstalled Within 30 Days

In the hyper-competitive app space, many apps have difficulty retaining users. With tough competition and extremely low user tolerance for apps that fail to meet expectations, they can get uninstalled quickly. Mobile games are the perfect example of this.

According to AppsFlyer 2023 App Uninstall Report, gaming apps suffered the highest uninstall rate last year. In 2022, almost every second Android mobile game was uninstalled within the first month. One of the reasons is that users are constantly trying out new titles, and if the game doesn’t make a good first impression, it ends up being deleted. Moreover, the surging popularity of hyper-casual and casual games has reduced the average game’s shelf life.

Statistics show that mobile games had an average app uninstall rate of 66% last year, followed by social and education apps. Social apps also had a high 60% uninstall rate, only 6.5% more than the third-ranked education apps.

In comparison, mobile apps in the shopping and food & drink categories reported lower uninstall rates of 35% and 33%, respectively. Travel apps were the best-performing category when looking at uninstalls, with an average uninstall rate of 31% last year.

Global Uninstall Rate Falls while Downloads Grow

The AppsFlyer survey showed almost half of all Android apps were uninstalled within 30 days of download, and a shocking 39% of uninstalls took place during the first 24 hours. While the global uninstall rate actually improved by 8% compared to 2021, uninstalls remain a significant pain point for apps.

But despite that, the total number of downloads in the app industry continues to surge. According to Statista data, Android and iOS users worldwide downloaded over 235 billion apps last year, around 15 billion more than a year before that.

In 2023, downloads are expected to grow by another 11% year-over-year and hit over 262 billion globally. Downloads in the gaming category are set to grow by 13% YoY to 135 billion.

Statista expects the solid upward trend to continue in the following years, with the total number of downloads in the iOS and Android market jumping to over 300 billion by 2025.

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