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February 23, 2023 | Gambling

USA (February 22, 2023) — New data reveals the states that are the most obsessed about gambling, and the ones least interested.

The study by uncovered that the people of Nevada searched more for gambling-oriented keywords than any other state. The search interest in the Battle Born State was over 100% higher compared to the state in second place, Kansas.

New York followed in third, Oregon in fourth, and Mississippi in fifth.

The five states that searched the least for gambling-related terms online were New Hampshire, Maine, Montana, and Alaska. With the least interested state in the whole US being Vermont.

People in Vermont searched close to 1,000 percent less for online gambling compared to Nevada.

The results were compiled by looking at Google trends data from the last 12 months for a range of gambling-oriented keywords like ‘casino’, ‘blackjack’, and ‘slot machines’.

All terms were graded by their popularity relative to other states and combined to rank the states from highest to lowest.

Regulated Online Casino States Ranks Low

States that have legalized online casino gaming failed to score highly in the report. For the keyword, ‘casino’, states like Michigan, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey all failed to make the top 10 with placements on 16th, 17th, and 21st respectively.

This is despite each state having legal online casino gaming for a number of years.

Josh Schwartz, Wetten US analyst said: 

‘Online gambling may be increasingly popular in many states in the US, but Nevada has retained its status as the most gambling-obsessed state. It will be interesting to see whether Nevada can hold onto its status as more states legalize gambling online, but for now, there is no doubt which state is the home of casino gaming in the US.

The fact that the people of Vermont on the other end of the spectrum have little interest in online gambling can also be seen in the very limited traction attempts to legalize online sports betting has had. This despite that many other east coast states like Pennsylvania and New York have opened their doors for it.’ 

A list of all the states and the gambling terms used, along with total scores can be found HERE.

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