The Arizona Lottery has issued a Request for Information (RFI) for a Full-Service Set of Business and Technology Solutions, Lottery Gaming Systems, and Related Services

February 17, 2023 | Government

Organization: The Arizona Lottery.

RFI# BPM005212

Responses Due: Tuesday, April 4th, 2023, 12 pm Arizona Time.

Title: A full-service set of business and technology solutions, lottery gaming systems, and related services

Submit Response To: Responses will only be accepted online in the “Arizona Procurement Portal (APP)” at until the date and time indicated above.

Inquiries: Questions concerning this RFI must be submitted via the Discussion Tab in APP at least 7 days before the response due date. Answers to questions will be posted in the APP system for the benefit of all potential respondents.

Submit technical inquiries about navigating and/or submitting responses in APP to the State’s APP Help Desk by phone at (602) 542-7600, option 2; or by email to


The Arizona Lottery is seeking information from vendors to identify innovative and profitable approaches to the development, implementation, and integration of a full-service set of business and technology solutions, lottery gaming system and related services. This RFI encompasses multiple value streams, and vendors may choose to respond to only those Value Streams sections that relate to solutions that they offer. We request that vendors provide an executive summary for each section in their main response document and submit supplemental information as separate attachments.

The Arizona Lottery is committed to innovation and continuous improvement. Our intentional,the  data-driven business operating model uses lean/six sigma methodologies to ensure the Lottery is delivering on our strategic and operational goals and objectives, in the following areas:

● Invest in workforce success
● Expand retail network and improve retailer experience
● Strengthen player base through innovate and entertaining products
● Increase Lottery’s impact in the State of Arizona

The Arizona Lottery has the following objectives for issuing this RFI:

  • To aid in the preparation of a possible request for proposal for a full-service set of business and technology solutionsLottery gaming system and related services and to ensure a competitive process among prospective vendors.
  • To obtain information on where vendors see emerging Lottery technology and services and insight into how the vendors are embracing innovative solutions.
  • To learn about ways in which a lottery business and technology solutions gaming system may be open and flexible to meeting evolving needs and requirements of the Arizona Lottery, its players, retailers, and employees.
  • To obtain information to enhance existing retailer partnerships and generate new partnerships with the Lottery to cross-promote product lines and ensure mutual growth.
  • To understand industry best practices in the area of business intelligence and data governance, and what vendor products and services are available in this space.

A copy of the RFI can be accessed from the Arizona Lottery’s website:

Click Here to download the RFI: BPM005212.