The Swedish Gambling Authority Prohibits Further Companies from Conducting Illegal Gambling Activities

February 7, 2023 | Online Gaming

Strängnäs, Sweden (February 6, 2023) — The Swedish Gaming Authority prohibits gambling companies from providing games in Sweden without the necessary license.

According to the Swedish Gambling Authority’s strategy, we prioritize measures that contribute to gambling taking place with operators who have a Swedish gambling license. The Swedish Gaming Authority, therefore, clarifies who conducts illegal online gambling by publishing banning decisions on our website.

The Swedish Gaming Authority Must Prevent Illegal Gambling Activities

A basic prerequisite for the goals of the game regulation to be achieved is that those who conduct gambling operations in Sweden have a license. Those who lack the necessary license must be shut out of the Swedish gaming market. This is
crucial for good consumer protection. Unregulated gambling has serious consequences for society, e.g. in the form of lost tax revenue and increased exposure to problem gamblers (prop. 2017/18:220 p. 219).

The Swedish Gaming Authority, therefore, prioritises measures that can be assumed to contribute to channeling gambling to legal options. Part of this work is to take measures against illegal gaming activities. In this work, it must be taken into account that the Swedish Gaming Authority does not have any law enforcement mission and does not investigate crimes.

This strategy1 briefly describes how Spelinspektionen intends to work towards illegal gambling activities in the form of online games aimed at the Swedish market without the necessary license.

Take a look at the decisions on bans here.

The Gambling Inspectorate’s strategy for work against illegal gambling activities, (PDF)

SOURCE: Spelinspektionen.

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