ANESAR Demands That All the Physical Points of Sale of the Public Operators SELAE and ONCE Have the Same Access Controls as the Privately Owned Gambling Establishments

March 6, 2023 | Government

SPAIN (March 3, 2023) — From ANESAR we claim “that all the physical points of sale of the public operators SELAE and ONCE have the same access controls that privately owned gambling establishments already have, in such a way that it must always be checked prior to accessing the game the age of the participants and their non-inclusion in the records of prohibition of access to the game”. Likewise, we consider that “it is necessary to establish an inspection system for its verification, as well as that failure to comply with these obligations entails the same consequences for the owners of privately managed establishments.”

We have made this request through an allegation to the “draft resolution of the General Directorate for the Regulation of Gambling, which establishes requirements for the commercialization of lottery games by collaborating entities in the commercialization of these products and by web pages, applications or other electronic, computer, telematic or interactive channels of the points of sale that are part of the external network of authorized operators”.

In the letter, addressed to the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, our president, José Vall, remarks that “the declaration and express recognition of the harmful effects that reserved games (public management games and those of the ONCE) can cause in people, acquires Because it is new, it is highly relevant.” “We must celebrate this awareness since, if a series of pernicious effects can be derived from the relationship of some people with the game, it can be said exactly the same of any type of game regardless of its ownership, an issue that until now seemed questionable,” Add.


ANESAR  is the Spanish Association of Gaming and Recreation Room Entrepreneurs that, since its founding in 1982, has brought together gaming and recreation room entrepreneurs. Given that the competences in the matter of gambling fall on the Autonomous Communities, there are associations of territorial scope, many of which are in turn members of  ANESAR, thus strengthening its confederative character. There are also business associates,   all types of salon companies being integrated into ANESAR, from small companies to the most representative of the salon sector in Spain.

The scope of  ANESAR  is national, although given that the competences in the matter of gambling fall on the Autonomous Communities, a dialogue with the autonomous public administrations as well as the territorial associations that defend the interests of the businessmen of salons in their respective areas is decisive. .

SOURCE: Spanish Association of Entrepreneurs of Gaming and Recreational Halls (ANESAR).

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