Chilean Association Of Gaming Casinos Calls for Illegal Online Betting Houses to be Regulated

March 29, 2023 | illegal gambling

CHILE (March 27, 2023) — According to local media reports a real change in direction was the determination adopted by the Internal Revenue Service (SII), after declaring foreign online betting houses as “illegal activities”.

This is despite the negotiations of the companies linked to virtual gaming, who appealed for regulation of this activity.

The executive president Cecilia Valdés referred to this, who in a conversation with ADN Hoy pointed out that ” we need to regulate it so that all these externalities are well worked on .”

As Valdés explained, “ everything that is gambling or casinos is highly regulated and regulated, and the law says who can and who cannot operate, so those who cannot operate, it is not that they are not regulated, it is that they are illegal .”

In addition, she assured that ” it cannot be said that since 2020 they were accepted to pay the digital tax because this is not the case .”

” We met with the director of the SII and asked him about this issue, and he told us that there were very few registered platforms, and none had paid taxes,” she explained.

Regulation of online betting houses

However, the executive president of the Chilean Association of Gaming Casinos stated that “ we want this to be regulated. Brazil and Colombia have their regulations, and we cannot be left out of this digital transformation .”

” In Congress, there is a bill that seeks to regulate these platforms, as there is also another that seeks to regulate their advertising,” he added.

“ For us, it is much more logical for a project to regulate them first, and then see how they can be advertised, but this is the dichotomy that happens in Chile, where the advertising of these platforms is unleashed, while opinions are issued that say that they cannot pay taxes because they are illegal,” he asserted.

Finally, Cecilia Valdés indicated regarding online betting houses that “ we know that digital consumption is very broad, and in digital games or bets as well. We want it to be regulated, and we have made ourselves available to the authorities for this .”

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