Coljuegos Raises Its Quality Standards Worldwide, with the ISO 9001 certification

March 14, 2023 | Vendor News
  • This great step that is taken with the certification allows the Regulatory Entity for games of luck and chance in Colombia to adopt a unique and integrated model that guarantees efficient management for users.

  • The Entity confirms its commitment to have processes that operate with high-quality standards, aligned with its strategic objective of institutional strengthening.

Bogota, Colombia (March 9, 2023) — Dr Roger Carrillo Campo, President of Coljuegos, assures that this challenge that the Coljuegos administration set for itself since 2021, was assumed with the purpose of identifying improvement opportunities to strengthen the processes that make up the value chain of the Entity, “Without a doubt, this was a team effort, which allowed the board of directors, area heads and officials to focus on improving strategies and putting new mechanisms into operation to optimize response capacity” assured the official.

This ambitious project began with the diagnosis carried out by the Bureau Veritas firm that identified the strengths, but above all the aspects to be improved, of Coljuegos, leaving an open panorama for the implementation of actions such as socializations, training, inductions, creation/modification of documents, among others. During this phase, the commitment, professionalism, transparency and responsibility of each of the officials involved were evident, where the passion for this sector that grows more every day and is positioned as a benchmark in this industry was evident.

Subsequently, an Internal Quality Audit was carried out, led by the 16 MIPG Leaders -Integrated Planning and Management Model- who had previously been certified by the Bureau Veritas firm in the ISO 9001 Standard, and who had provided them with awareness and development of competencies so that in full knowledge of the functions of the dependencies to be evaluated, they put the magnifying glass on the norm and on the fulfilment of each one of the requirements that would allow reaching the final goal. “The most important thing for an Entity that wants to grow and strengthen itself is to have professionals with the ability to self-analyze, with full knowledge of the business and with the willingness to redirect activities around continuous improvement,” said Dr. Roger Carrillo Campo.

This incredible immersion process in which Process Leaders, Heads of Offices and Managers attended interviews, internalized concepts and terminology of the standard, and above all, attended to recommendations and adapted them in their daily processes and management.

On the eve of the closing of 2022, the official audit was attended by the firm Bureau Veritas, who in December of the same year successfully granted the certificate to Coljuegos for confirming compliance with the requirements demanded by the International Standard ISO 9001, in all 16 Entity processes

Now, the challenge is to maintain the culture of continuous improvement according to the dynamics offered by the environment and the demands of the value groups, so that the Entity has the capacity to respond without reprocessing or business continuity cost overruns, in addition to raising the quality of services using the focus on processes, raising customer satisfaction, meeting their requirements and increasing competitiveness.

Congratulations! We have taken a big step, with firm commitment and good management, thanks to our Management Team, MIPG Leaders, Process Managers, Office Managers, Advisors and Professionals, who every day carry out their duties with excellence and professionalism.

SOURCE: Coljuegos.

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