During 1H FY2022/23 Kansspelautoriteit Imposed Fines Totalling More Than 26 Million Euros for Illegally Offering Online Games of Chance

March 7, 2023 | illegal gambling
The HAGUE, Netherlands (March 3, 2023) — At the end of December 2022, the Gaming Authority (Ksa) imposed fines totalling more than 26 million euros on 5 parties that illegally (without the required permit) allowed players in the Netherlands to participate in online games of chance. Offering online games of chance without a license is prohibited. Enforcing this ban is one of the priorities of the Ksa.

The fines were imposed on Videoslots Limited (9,874,000 euros), N1 Interactive Limited (12,640,000 euros), Betpoint Group Limited (1,787,000 euros), Probe Investments Limited (1,128,000 euros) and Fairload Limited (900,000 euros). . In determining the amount of the fines, the Ksa has based itself on its newly adopted fines policy in September 2021, which takes into account the turnover achieved in the Netherlands. After the fines were announced to the providers at the end of December, they asked the court to stop the publication of the decisions. The judge rejected the requests this week.

Aggravating Circumstances and Repeat Violation

Among the fines imposed are two eye-catching large amounts of more than 12 million euros and almost 10 million euros. In the case of N1 Interactive, it concerned a repeated violation for which a fine had already been imposed. In the case of Videoslots, the word mark of the Gaming Authority was incorrectly displayed on the website, while this may only be used by licensed providers. It is precisely this word mark that is important for players to use to determine whether they are dealing with a legal range of games. Other fine-increasing matters include, for example, the lack of visible and adequate age verification, the false suggestion that the product is offered with a European license and allowing the use of anonymous payment methods.

Safe legal offer

Offering online games of chance to players in the Netherlands is only allowed with a license from the Ksa. Strict rules and regulations apply to ensure that there is a safe legal offer, whereby players are assured of a fair game and are protected against gambling addiction.

Players run great risks when participating in illegal offerings. A lot of money is earned by the providers involved with illegal online gambling. This is taken into account when determining the fines. René Jansen, chairman of the Ksa:

‘We mean business. Player safety is paramount. A fine is to hit where it hurts, so in the wallet. With such amounts we think we can impose an appropriate sanction, given the illegal earnings.’

SOURCE: Kansspelautoriteit (play safely).

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