GGL Fines a Licensed Gambling Provider Due to Violations of Advertising Regulations

March 17, 2023 | Advertising

Online gambling providers advertised on so-called affiliate sites, which also advertised illegal gambling offers

GERMANY (March 13, 2023) — At the beginning of March, the Joint Gaming Authority of the Federal States (GGL) for the first time imposed a severe fine on a permitted gambling provider who did not comply with the advertising provisions of the permit. A five-digit administrative offense notice was issued to a provider of games of chance on the Internet who, after receiving the state gambling license from the GGL, deliberately advertised his offer on websites that also advertised illegal offers. According to the advertising provisions of the State Treaty on Gambling, this is not permitted. The intention of the State Treaty on Gambling is to ensure player protection by strictly separating legal from illegal offers. Legal providers of online gambling are not allowed to advertise on websites that also advertise illegal gambling.

CEO Ronald Benter: “We consider these advertising regulations to be very good and justified. GGL consistently monitors offers from legal providers. In the event of violations, we levy heavy fines. The withdrawal of the license in the event of repeated violations of the provisions of the State Treaty on Gaming is a measure that we do not shy away from.”

Board member Benjamin Schwanke adds: “The legal online gambling providers can have no interest in advertising on sites that also advertise illegal gambling. This damages the reputation of the providers”.

Consumers can find out at any time from the so-called official GGL white list which online gaming providers have a state permit from GGL and are therefore legal and comply with the required player protection measures.

SOURCE: Gaming Authority of the Federal States (GGL).

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