Multi-State Lottery Association Issue Request for Information – March 2023

March 10, 2023 | Lottery News


The Multi-State Lottery Association (MUSL) is an unincorporated non-profit association owned and operated by thirty-eight lotteries (member lotteries). MUSL assists both members and additional lotteries licensed to sell multi-jurisdictional lottery games (licensee lotteries), in performing a wide range of services, including game development, drawings, and financial and accounting support.

It is important for entities interested in the projects listed in this RFI to understand that MUSL is not a lottery; it does not sell tickets for any lottery games, nor does it pay prizes. Operations are funded through annual contributions from each Member Lottery and are not funded by lottery game sales.

Information Requested

MUSL is interested in developing new services to assist lotteries in several areas, including improvements to the reconciliation of ticket sales and winners both pre- and post-drawings through internal controls/auditing functions, a centralized jackpot communication system, and a centralized customer management system that can collect and analyze customer data.

MUSL is inviting comments and suggestions through this Request for Information (RFI) so that we can gain valuable insights and suggestions from companies with expertise in software development, implementation, and system management. We are interested in obtaining information regarding solutions to the projects listed below. It is the intent of this RFI to gain information from submissions from various companies that will assist MUSL in writing specifications and project management steps to ensure we receive a robust solution for the projects if an RFP is issued and responses are evaluated. We are inviting companies to respond with information and recommendations for any or all the projects.

MUSL is requesting information on how your company can provide software and ongoing support services that address and/or establish these three functions and services overseen by MUSL personnel located at its offices in Iowa:

  1. A centralized customer management system for second chance entries into multi-jurisdictional game promotions.
  2. A jackpot communications system for multi-jurisdiction lottery games.
  3. A centralized internal control system to support auditing of play and winner data both pre-and post-drawings.

It is anticipated that interested companies will be invited to provide presentations and demonstrations regarding their systems and services. Demonstrations/meetings may be scheduled as provided in the Schedule of Events below. The meetings are intended to provide an open and constructive dialogue on the services and products that address the needs provided in this RFI. MUSL will contact you to schedule a meeting date and time should a presentation/demonstration be requested of your company.

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