Parliament to Approve a Much More Restrictive Gambling Law

March 21, 2023 | Government

The regulation contemplates the prohibition of all advertising of gambling and betting activities in the Balearic Islands

Madrid. Spain (March 20, 2023) — The plenary session of Parliament will approve tomorrow the bill to modify the Gambling and Betting Law proposed by the Balearic Government, which limits the activity of this sector on the islands with restrictions such as the prohibition of advertising. The vote will be the last point on the agenda of the plenary session on March 21, in which the decree law with urgent measures for discretionary transport and travellers approved by the executive on March 6 will also be ratified.

As explained by the vice president, Juan Pedro Yllanes, when the last Government Council of 2022 ratified its proposal for a new Gambling Law, the regulation contemplates the prohibition of all advertising of gambling and betting activities in the Balearic territory. The objective of the legal changes, which also increase the restrictions on the opening of gambling and betting rooms and the control of access to slot machines, is to protect vulnerable people against gambling, Yllanes said.

The Balearic Islands, with 108 casinos, bingos, gaming halls and betting establishments for every million inhabitants, is the region with the third highest relative number of this type of establishment and the objective of the law is to reduce them to get closer to the state average of 68 rooms per million.

With the new law, the establishments from which game rooms must be kept away are expanded, which are schools and other spaces commonly used by minors and people with addiction problems, and the minimum distance between gambling venues, 500 meters away in Palma and 250 in other population centres, explained the vice-president.

In addition, in the plenary session on Tuesday, the Popular Party will raise two motions on the transfer of Coasts and transportation policy and an interpellation on health.

In the control questions to the Government, the president, Francina Armengol, will answer questions about the measures to curb inflation, the insularity supplements for state officials and the new education law, among others.

SOURCE: Agencia EFE.

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