Miljonlotteriet, the Million Lottery, is Moving to New Premises in 2023

March 3, 2023 | Lottery News

SWEDEN (February 27, 2023) — The million lottery (Miljonlotteriet), which is owned by IOGT-NTO, accounts for the main income for the four unions in the IOGT-NTO movement. This includes, in addition to IOGT-NTO, the children’s organization Junis, the Youth Sobriety Association, UNF, and the Scout Association of the Sobriety Movement, NSF.

The Million Lottery was founded in 1964 by the sober entrepreneur Stig Kroon (who was also behind Bingolotto) and has since given a surplus of almost 2 billion kroner to the IOGT-NTO movement.

In the current premises at Metallvägen 4 in Mölnlycke, the business has been conducted since the early 1990s when IOGT-NTO bought the property. The international operations of the IOGT-NTO movement, IOGT-NTO West and others have also been housed there over the years. But now a move is on the horizon.

For the coming turn of the year, Härryda municipality will move into the premises on Metallvägen, an agreement was signed in February. However, the Million Lottery warehouse and functions for handling winnings will also remain on Metallvägen in the future. It is not yet clear where the rest of the business will move.

“Local needs have been greatly affected by the development of recent years. It is not only the increased remote work that resulted from the pandemic. The Million Lottery is constantly taking new steps in digitization, product development, customer service and more, which means that we have developed new ways of working together. It affects what type of premises we need, there are several premises options to choose from,” comments Jonatan Hjort, CEO of Miljonlotteriet.

Stefan Engström, IOGT-NTO’s property manager:

“It feels really good that we have signed an agreement with the new tenant on the premises. As the Million Lottery develops and the need for premises changes, it is so important that we make it possible, while at the same time ensuring that our premises are used in a really good way.”

About Miljonlotteriet

Miljonlotteriet is a Swedish lottery company owned by IOGT-NTO, and incorporated in 1964. It all started with a dream and a desire to make a difference. Stig Kroon, a passionate entrepreneur, in 1964, built the foundation of what today is Miljonlotteriet.
Parent organization: IOGT-NTO
CEO: Jonatan Hjort (June 2018–)
Founded: 1964

SOURCE: Accent (Sweden’s largest newspaper about drugs and sobriety. Issued by IOGT-NTO).

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