Transparent Helmet – Important Part of New Campaign About Equality in Ice Hockey

March 3, 2023 | Government
On February 26, the team captains in the SDHL teams will wear a transparent helmet to symbolize the invisible glass ceiling in business and in sports. The activity is part of a more extensive campaign run by our partner Svenska Spel Women’s Hockey League.
“Last year, the number of girl players in Sweden increased by 30 per cent. Still, nine out of ten hockey players active in associations are boys, and we need to be significantly better at raising the perspective of girls in order to drive the growth of girl players even more. But also to get them to play later in life. Part of that work involves getting more women in leading positions in hockey, to create role models, break norms and to give both sexes the same opportunity to shape the sport and participation in the sports movement,” says Angelica Lindeberg, initiator and commercial manager at Svenska Spel Women’s Hockey League.

In connection with the manifestation called “The Glass Breakers”, SDHL offers free training, aimed at the sports movement’s election committees and boards, which deals with the importance of diversity and inclusion in the board composition from a business perspective.

As the main sponsor of SDHL, Svenska Spel is behind the initiative.

“As Sweden’s largest sports sponsor, we can help influence and drive the issue of more equal sports. Many boards and decision-making bodies within sports clubs and associations are still very homogenous. A risk with that is that you get stuck in old ways of thinking and norms. A better mix of people with different backgrounds and gender usually leads to a more forward-leaning organization,” says Svenska Spel’s head of sustainability Kajsa Nylander, who is one of the spokespeople in the campaign.

The campaign is completely in line with Swedish hockey’s joint investment in women’s and girls’ hockey, where the Swedish Ice Hockey Federation, together with 22 special district associations, SDHL and NDHL, have set their sights on 2030, where, among other things, there should be more women in leading positions and more elected officials women within the hockey movement.

“As representatives of the broad and elite, we have a responsibility to improve the conditions for women’s and girls’ players. To succeed in this, research shows that more women are needed in leading positions. Then a step in the right direction is knowledge-raising efforts about the importance of diversity in the board composition. It is an area where we within the hockey movement need to improve and we hope that as many decision-makers as possible take the opportunity and sign up for the training initiated by SDHL,” Johan Strak, Secretary General of the Swedish Ice Hockey Association.

“A clear ambition with our investment in Swedish women’s hockey is to create better conditions so that more girls start playing and continue to play so that it can live on its hockey in the long run. At the same time as we do that, we are helping to strengthen the elite operations in order to strengthen the commercial value of the league in the long term. We are with you all the way from youth to elite,” says Kajsa Nylander.

SOURCE: Svenska Spel.