Can You Name That Meat? New Jersey Lottery Launches Unique New Scratch-Off Ticket, The Jersey Debate

April 30, 2023 | Lottery Sales

TRENTON, NJ (April 28, 2023) – Can you name that classic New Jersey breakfast meat? For over 100 years, New Jerseyans have been at odds over the name of this _____-egg-and-cheese sizzling sandwich meat. For just $5, players can attempt to settle the debate, at least temporarily, by uncovering PORK or HAM symbols to win prizes up to $200,000. Salt-pepper-ketchup not included.

This hot new ticket hits stores on Monday, May 1. Be on the lookout for other ticket tie-ins throughout the state, including local deli and food truck partnerships, giveaways, and more. Additional contests and prizes will be available to our VIP Club members and social media followers.

“This is a fun and lighthearted way to celebrate a uniquely New Jersey debate,” said Executive Director James Carey of the New Jersey Lottery. “We know that people in this state are passionate about their sliced pork naming preferences, and we hope this ticket will bring some joy and excitement to players across the state.”
Stop by your local deli and grab this new ticket alongside your favourite breakfast sandwich. Who knows? You might just settle the debate once and for all.

Did you know? National Pork Roll Day is May 23!


Prizes remaining are updated daily. Any of the prizes listed below may have been purchased, but not yet claimed.

HERE’S HOW TO PLAYThis ticket will feature one gameplay. Remove the latex covering the play area to reveal four WINNING NUMBERS and fifteen YOUR NUMBERS, with a PRIZE amount below each of the YOUR NUMBERS play symbols. If any of the WINNING NUMBERS match any of the YOUR NUMBERS, win the PRIZE shown below the matched number(s). If a “HAM” or “PORK” symbol is revealed in any of the YOUR NUMBERS play spots, win that PRIZE automatically. If a “$$” symbol is revealed in any of the YOUR NUMBERS play spots, win DOUBLE the PRIZE shown for that symbol.MORE THAN $13.6 MILLION IN PRIZES!Approximately 4.8 million THE JERSEY DEBATE tickets are initially planned in this game. The New Jersey Lottery reserves the right to subsequently increase this quantity of tickets. Should additional tickets be introduced, prize levels and frequency of winning will be consistent with the initial quantity of tickets. In THE JERSEY DEBATE Scratch-Offs game, New Jersey allocates approximately 64% of the gross receipts, net of free tickets, to prizes. On average, better than 1 ticket in 5 wins a prize. The odds and number of winners may vary based on sales, distribution and claims.

Prize Amount Total Prizes PRIZES REMAINING
$200,000 3 3
$5,000 12 12
$2,000 48 47
$500 988 988
$100 10,439 10,439
$50 53,448 53,443
$20 244,626 244,598
$10 448,475 448,419
FREE $5 TICKET 407,722 407,675
Tickets Printed : 4,892,520

SOURCE: New Jersey Lottery.

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