Declaration of Gambling Regulators on Their Concerns Regarding Illegal Operators

April 6, 2023 | illegal gambling

Our authorities are committed to providing a high level of protection to consumers by promoting a safe gambling environment. Although each member has a different regulatory framework, we share common objectives including consumer protection and the development of a fair gambling market.

Illegal gambling threatens the achievement of these objectives. First, consumers who access illegal gambling sites are particularly vulnerable, as they are exposed to many risks and have no legal protection. Secondly, development in the regulated sector is threatened by illegal sites that are not held to the same standards we expect of our licensed operators.

In light of these considerations, we commit ourselves today to working together against illegal gambling, in order to
ensure the effective implementation of our national regulations. This joint action will result in increased cooperation in the fight against illegal operators, particularly through meetings on a regular basis, the exchange of information, alerts, expertise, best practices and joint actions against illegal sites.

This joint action will enable us to better identify and minimize illegal gambling activities while acknowledging that each regulator remains free to define what amounts to illegal gambling and to use the enforcement tools provided by its own national regulatory framework.

We expect that this common action will enable a constructive dialogue with online platforms, including social media platforms. We also expect that this common action will raise consumer awareness regarding the risks associated with illegal gambling.

The GREF has two main objectives:

A. to provide a forum in which European gaming regulators can meet, exchange views and information and discuss policy on gaming matters; and

B. on special occasions and with the agreement of participants represent the different views of European gaming regulators and also provide a central point of contact for enquiries directed at them from authorities or related organisations in Europe and elsewhere.

SOURCE: Gaming Regulators European Forum (GREF).

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