Eesti Loto Profits Up 3.2 Percent on Year to 2022

April 2, 2023 | Lottery Sales

Tallinn, Estonia (March 23, 2023) — Estonia’s state-owned lottery operator Eesti Loto saw a turnover of €88.6 million in 2022, a slight rise on 2021’s figure.

Unaudited data released Tuesday stated Eesti Loto’s net profits rose, by 3.2 percent, to €14.3 million, last year.

The revenue rise was 0.3. percent on year to 2022.

Eesti Loto paid €13.9 million into state coffers in 2022.

The company sells two main lottery products to consumers: Classic lottery tickets and instant lottery (Kiirloterii) scratchcards.

Eesti Loto sold 4.6 million instant lottery tickets last year, a rise of 3.9 percent on year.

The company paid out 3.6 percent more winnings (totaling €35.6 million) in 2022, the bulk of it (86 percent) deriving from its classic lottery format, with the remainder going on instant lottery winnings.

The 421,000 classic lottery players last year represented a fall on year of 4.1 percent, and the segment’s sales revenue fell slightly.

The instant lottery’s sales rose, to €12.3 million (from €11.5 million) in 2022.

SOURCE: Eesti Loto.

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