Massachusetts Lawmakers Discuss Legalizing Online Lottery Sales

April 20, 2023 | Lottery News

(April 19, 2023) — According to local media reports Massachusetts lawmakers are discussing a bill to legalize online lottery sales with some new surprise support.

Governor Maura Healey is reported to like the idea of legalizing the sales of online lottery tickets.

Massachusetts launched sports betting a little while ago, and the Governor doesn’t want the state’s lottery revenue left behind.

The House is pushing for the bill now, according to NBC 10 WJAR.

As for the neighbouring state of Rhode Island, there are two online instant games, but gamblers cannot buy tickets online.

Tanya Patel works at the University Mart in Providence. Part of her job is selling lottery tickets.

She doesn’t believe passing the bill will harm convenience marts, just create another convenient method for people to play.

“If it is a little bit easier access to technology, then it’s going to be good very good because some people aren’t able to walk into a convenience store or gas station or something like that,” said Patel. “So, if they have easy access, they’re [online lottery sales] like really good for them to play at home, like on their own time.”

Massachusetts has not explained what sales would look like if the bill passes.

Online lottery ticket sales are allowed in 14 other states.


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